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Fight the effects of ageing
Dr Rob offers thread lift treatments to assist in lifting loose and sagging skin of the face back into position.

“There are many ways to fight the effects of ageing, Dr Robs thread lifts are a successful option that offers less downtime than surgery.”

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As we age, it is only natural for the tissues in our face to descend and lose volume. This is due to several factors, such as weakening of the muscles and ligaments and a decrease in collagen production. Over time, this loss of muscle tone and thinning of the face can leave you looking tired and older than you really are.

Understandably, facial surgery can be a daunting prospect for some, and isn’t always necessary. For this reason, we offer alternative, non-surgical solutions for facial rejuvenation, such as a thread lift.

What is a thread lift?

A thread lift is a technique used to lift the tissues of the face back to a position that they were at years earlier. A number of threads are placed under the skin, which grip the under surface of the facial tissue. The treads are then anchored to the skin under the hairline which holds up the face in a higher suspended position.

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Am I a candidate for a thread lift?

If you have small folds in the jowl region or where the cheek meets the upper lip, a thread lift may be an excellent option for you. This is because it can provide an instant improvement of these folds which can make people look older or more tired. A thread lift is an excellent non surgical alternative for both men and women who are between 30 and 60 years old.

The best way to find out if this is the right treatment for you is to book in a consultation with Dr Rob. During your consultation, we will be able to provide you with further detail about what is involved in the procedure and what your likely outcome will be.

What body areas can a thread lift address?

The procedure can treat sagging or loose skin in different areas of the face, such as:

  • Browline
  • Cheeks
  • Forehead
  • Jowls and jawline
  • Under eye area
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What are the differences between a thread lift and a facelift?

A facelift is an invasive surgical procedure that is performed under general anaesthetic. A thread lift, on the other hand, is a great non-surgical alternative to a facelift for the following reasons:

  • A thread lift has a lower risk of complications
  • A thread lift has minimal downtime
  • A thread lift has a shorter treatment time

On the other hand, a facelift has the following advantages:

  • A facelift provides more dramatic results
  • A facelift offers far longer lasting results (up to 10 years)
  • A facelift is capable of correcting a far more extreme degree of skin sagging and looseness

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For more information about the thread lift procedure, please contact our friendly team. If you are ready for a consultation about your desired treatment or procedure, please call Dr Anh today on 08 9361 2118.