07: Revival Eye Serum

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07: Revival Eye Serum



Eye Serum for management of under eye bags, darkened skin and wrinkles.

Active ingredients:
Caffeine 1% Pullulan
Sodium Potassium Aluminium Silicate
Other non-evidence based actives

How it does it:

  • Vasoconstrictor – reduces puffiness under eye
  • Film forming and tightening
  • Light refractor – reduces appearance of wrinkles

What it does:
Remove baggage, dark circles and fine lines with this gentle and nourishing eye cream

Conditions and skin types:
All skin types

Usage instructions:
Apply half a pump to fingertip and spread on skin under and around the eye

How is it different:
Reduce dark circles and drain excess fluid while hydrating and protecting the skins natural barrier.
Rich in antioxidants and deeply nourishing.