06: Peptide Gentle Moisturiser

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06: Peptide Gentle Moisturiser


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Active ingredients:

  • Palmitoyl Oligopeptide 0.02% Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 0.02%
  • Peptide based calming and anti-aging moisturiser

How it does it:

  • Delivers Type I collagen fragment – stimulates growth
  • Suppresses Interlukin 6 (which is pro-inflammatory)

What it does:
Calming moisturiser with some anti-aging benefits

Conditions and skin types:
For use as an alternative to Retinal Creams for pregnancy, breastfeeding, sensitive skin, post
procedure. + additional for moisture or a primer.

Usage instructions:
During pregnancy, replace Ultimate A
As a primer, use after serum and before make-up application.
As a moisturiser – when needed

How it is different:
Peptide Primer is an effective alternative to Zinc Shade or Ultimate A when required.

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15ml, 50ml