05+: Renew Night Cream High Strength

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05+: Renew Night Cream High Strength


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Active ingredients:

  • Retinal 0.1% Niacinamide 4% Glycolic Acid 2%
  • Retinal and Niacinamide based Night Cream

How it does it:

  • Similar to prescription Vitamin A (acne and aging) hyperpigmentation and skin barrier function
  • Exfoliation and improved effect of Retinal

What it does:
Effectively manages Acne, whilst supporting healthy skin balance and hydration.

Conditions and skin types:
For use on thicker, oilier or acne prone skin. Also, for use by experienced Retinoid users

Usage instructions:
Apply following serum at night

How is it different:
Achieve results for mild – moderate acne, without stripping the skin. Our Retinal hi strength improves the skin’s barrier and supports healthy skin function to prevent further breakouts.

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15ml, 50ml