03: Day Cream with zinc based SPF

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03: Day Cream with zinc based SPF


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Active ingredients:
Zinc Oxide 11.25% Octocrylene 5%
Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane 2%

How it does it:

  • Inorganic sunscreen (broad spectrum)
  • Organic UBV protection, stabilises Butyl Meth
  • Organic UVA protection

What it does:
Protect and Prevent skin from sun’s UV radiation (boosted UVA protection). May be used under

Usage instructions:
Apply following Vitamin C serum in the morning. Patch test on Rosacea and oilier skin.

Does not contain any sunscreen ingredients with questionable safety data.
Doesn’t feel like a typical SPF product

Conditions and skin types:
For all skin types

How it is different:
Zinc Oxide is an effective broad-spectrum sunscreen with a good safety profile. This is ideal for under make-up and everyday wear. Without the greasy feel or ghosting appearance, you will achieve protecting your skin against the harmful UVA, UVB rays and free radicals in the harsh Australian climate.

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