02+: High Strength Vitamin C Serum

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02+: High Strength Vitamin C Serum


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Active ingredients:
L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 16%
alpha Tocopherol (Vitamin E) 1%
Vitamin C and E based serum

How it does it:

The high concentration of vitamin C combined with vitamin E ensures repair of cell DNA damage, stimulation of collagen, reduction of wrinkles and pigmentation. Due to the high level of antioxidants the effect of the vitamin C activity is further enhanced.

What it does:

Protects and repairs skin from sun’s UV radiation (wrinkles+pigmentation)

Conditions and skin types:
For dry skin and combination normal skin in dry climate

Usage instructions:
Apply after cleansing in the morning.
On oilier acne prone skin, keep away from T Zone and discontinue if results in breakout (we recommend using the standard 02 vitamin c cream instead). Slight heat or tingling may be felt and is normal. If discomfort experienced, wash off & discontinue

It doesn’t work if oxidised (has a shelf life of approx. 18 months).

How it is different:
Vitamin C is one of the very few anti-oxidants with strong evidence and only the Ascorbic acid in emulsion form (not crystals). Vitamin C is unstable and oxidisation (dark orange or brown) renders it ineffective or harmful. In order to delay oxidisation, Vitamin C must be in an oil base (risk of breakout), and in an airless opaque container, such as ours. This increased strength is one of very few on the market, ensuring positive results.

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