01: Purifying Active Cleanser

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01: Purifying Active Cleanser


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Product description:
Lightly foaming “Active” Cleanser

Active ingredients:
Sodium Laurel Isithionate
Glycolic Acid
Salicylic acid

How it does it:

  • Soap free, cleanses w/o drying or stripping skin
  • Exfoliates (dissolves bonds btwn dead cells)
  • Increased cell turnover (smoother, plumper skin)

What it does:

  • Purify, rebalance and restore the skins natural pH.
  • If left on for 10 minutes prior to rinsing, assists in managing acne.

Conditions and skin types:
Combination normal and acne prone skin

Usage instructions:
Apply to moist face and wash off with warm water. For use in the morning and at night prior to
application of serum. For oiler, acne prone skin, leave on skin for 10 minutes prior to washing off.

How it is different:
This cleanser is specifically formulated to brighten, diffuse redness, and calm. The lightweight
emulsion quickly absorbs excess oil to re-balance and purify the skin.

As a wash off application, the cleanser will clean the skin. Only if left on the skin for enough time for the actives to be absorbed is there an opportunity for actives to have an effect.

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