Massages are great for relieving stress and also for getting rid of pain in the muscles. Dr Anh’s team can perform a range of massages at their Perth location.

Here are the massages that we offer:

Energising massage

If you have been feeling tired and fatigued then you may benefit from our energising massage. This type of massage works towards relaxing tense muscles which can improve your focus at work and your relaxation at home.

Deep tissue remedial massage

Deep tissue massage is for people with injuries and chronic pain. This massage works towards loosening the muscles and releasing toxins. They can also improve your circulation so it is both corrective and therapeutic.

Relaxing massage

Smooth, gliding strokes will be used with a comfortable pressure to relax your body and your mind. This is a great type of massage for people who get easily stressed and need a weekly or monthly time for relaxation. This massage is also similar to Swedish massage and is for the benefit of your wellness and peace of mind.

Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy puts a lot of stress on the body and all of the muscles due to the added weight of your baby. Common problems for pregnant women include back pain, sciatic pain and muscular spasms. A pregnancy massage can help with this during every stage of pregnancy from the first trimester to the third. If you suspect that you may have any risk factors that could eliminate you as a candidate for pregnancy massage please let your massage therapist know beforehand. Such instances include a history of miscarriage and high blood pressure.

A Man’s World

A full body massage for treatment of stress relief, deep relaxation & a free mind.

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