The Detox Box is an infrared sauna used by Dr Anh in Perth that is used to improve wellbeing by naturally expelling toxic substances and shedding water weight. It has many benefits which is why it is regarded as one of the most innovative wellness treatments available.

Detox box

The treatment is used to burn calories for weight control and to shift cellulite. It is also used to detoxify the body by expelling unwanted chemicals through sweating.

Weight loss

A session in the Detox Box burns approximately 600 calories although this varies from person to person. This is the same amount of calories that you burn running for ten kilometres which is why many people choose the Detox Box to aid weight loss. The treatment is best performed on a person with a healthy diet that is already working towards your goal.

Reducing toxicity levels in your body

Toxins are byproducts of the food that we eat and the pollution that we are exposed to on a daily basis. These toxins can include chemicals, pesticides and cigarette smoke which enters our body and compromises our overall wellbeing. The Detox Box is designed to combat the cumulative build-up of these toxins by forcing the body to expel them by sweating them out.

The treatment

The Detox Box uses infrared technology to penetrate the body. This technology can penetrate the body up to six centimetres for effective heating. The procedure has been found to induce sweating by up to two or three times more than a regular sauna does. This is why Dr Anh has invested in this technology for her Perth wellness clinic and plastic surgery, so that you can benefit from its effects.

The Detox Box will also feel different to a normal sauna. You will find that the air feels dry, so that it does not overwhelm the body so much with humidity or dense feeling air.

FAQs - Detox Box

Toxins are consumed and absorbed by the body through the food we eat and the air we breathe. There are both involuntary and voluntary toxins which can affect the body. Voluntary toxins are those found in processed food, cigarettes and alcohol while involuntary are those such as chemicals that are placed into our water supply or found in our air supply from pollution.

Yes our Detox Box can accommodate two people at a time which means that you can receive this treatment with a partner or a friend. Some people prefer this as the treatment tends to go quicker when you are not by yourself.

This procedure can treat anyone in good health. Even individuals with high blood pressure can receive treatment as long as they are not experiencing a hypertensive crisis. If your doctor has recommended you avoid medium intensity exercises then you may not be suitable for this procedure.

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Detox Box

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