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Your nose is the central element of your face, and if you are unhappy with its appearance, it could easily be debilitating to your everyday confidence and vitality. Your appearance — especially that of your nose — is not a trivial matter, and you should not let anything prevent you from looking and feeling your best whatever the feature you have which concerns you.

Fortunately, you don’t have to continue to endure the problems that currently affect the look of your nose because effective options exist to change any unwanted features. A rhinoplasty, commonly known as a ‘nose job,’ can significantly alter the shape, size or profile of the nose. The surgery can improve the appearance of the nose and also the performance of the nose, as well, clearing the nasal passageways and further opening the airway.


A rhinoplasty can be one of the most effective and transforming cosmetic procedures you can have. First and foremost, the procedure actively reshapes the underlying structures which give the nose its outward appearance and removes or alters unwanted aspects of these structures, ensuring that your nose looks its best and the way you want it to. Additionally, once you have the full benefits of your rhinoplasty, your nose will better complement all of your other facial features, revealing your vision of yourself and expressing the real you.



Why is Dr Anh the best plastic surgeon to see for nose surgery?

Experience and Expertise

Dr Anh is a leading plastic surgeon with over a decade of experience. She has presented her research at international conferences, and is committed to teaching and training the next generation of plastic surgeons. She mentors medical students and devotes a day a week to her consultant role in the public health system at Fiona Stanley hospital.

Understanding and Empathy

Dr Anh has shared many of the same concerns patients have prior getting surgery. Dr Anh prides herself on creating a caring environment. A place that patients feel safe and supported. Dr Anh helps patients to make informed decisions prior to surgery.


Details on your cosmetic procedure will be private and confidential, as we know surgery is a sensitive subject that many wish to keep to themselves.

What does a rhinoplasty treat?

A rhinoplasty is a versatile procedure which can improve many concerns that adversely affect the appearance of the nose that can cause self-consciousness and dissatisfaction.

Some of the problems which a rhinoplasty can treat include:

A high dorsal hump

A disproportionate nose

A crooked nose

A large or droopy nose tip

A flat nasal bridge

Your rhinoplasty procedure can improve a single or multiple concerns and provide far-reaching results. This is because the surgery not only improves the look of the nose itself but also creates greater balance throughout the entire facial area. The new nose shape and profile that the procedure produces will compliment and enhance your other features, as well, providing you with a look that is different from your original appearance in all the ways that you want it to be but which is also uniquely you.

How can my rhinoplasty be tailored for my needs?

Rhinoplasty is a versatile procedure with many variants. To produce ideal results for each patient, Dr Anh can perform specialised surgeries called augmentation rhinoplasties which give patients additional options to achieve their goals.

Augmentation rhinoplasties can build up the nose using fillers, grafts or nasal implants to help patients realise the unique look they hope to accomplish through surgery.

These techniques primarily enhance the shape of the nose, but it can also alter the nose’s profile by adding implants or bone grafts to produce a stable and long-lasting result.

Implants and Grafts

Implants also offer patients great flexibility. They come in different shapes and sizes and can be shaped to suit each individual nose. Alternatively, augmentation can be achieved using rib grafts, cartilage from the ear and or cartilage from the nasal septum. In some instances, a combination of implant and cartilage can be used to increase the side profile of the nose and the tip.

Each type of augmentation has its own advantages and drawbacks to consider.

See FAQs at the bottom of the page for more information.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty with Fillers

Using fillers to reshape the nose is known as a non-surgical rhinoplasty. A range of fillers can be used to achieve a patients desire results, and these fillers include hyaluronic acid gels which last 9 – 18 months or calcium hydroxyapatite which may last up to two to three years. Fillers, when introduced by a skilled and experienced Specialist Plastic Surgeon like Dr Anh, also provide tremendous versatility and allow patients who wish to improve their nose without surgery a viable and effective option.

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The initial consultation can be daunting for you, but it is only natural to feel nervous and self-conscious about revealing concerns you have about your nose and discussing your feelings about your appearance with someone you have just met. Dr Anh understands how this feels and will make the consultation as comfortable as possible for you.

Dr Anh and her cosmetic consultants in Perth will spend about 30 minutes with you to gain a better understanding of why you are seeking a nose job, what results you want to achieve from the nose reshaping surgery and what your expectations are of having the procedure. Dr Anh will obtain a medical and surgical history and then examine your condition.

However, some concerns cannot be addressed by surgery or are better addressed by other means. For example, if an individual’s aesthetic goals cannot be reasonably achieved through rhinoplasty, it will not be recommended for that patient. Alternately, individuals who have body dysmorphia issues may be better served by counselling instead. If surgery is not the method which serves the patient best, other options may be recommended which will.

Afterward, she will discuss your available options with you along with all aspects of the procedure — for example, the types of rhinoplasty you can have, the potential for scars, the need for cartilage grafts, any possible complications and implications if a complication were to occur, the steps that will be taken to minimise these complications and finally aftercare and recovery.

She will show you before and after photos of her patients who have had a rhinoplasty, answer any of your questions and provide you with written material about nose reshaping surgery for you to take home. A quote will be given to you at the end of the consultation and the practice manager will explain all of the costs involved in the surgery.

Dr Anh believes that the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is a very personal and important one and should not be made without considerable research, information and understanding. That is why she will recommend that you also obtain a second or even a third opinion so that you can make your decision with as much information as possible and be comfortable with your ultimate selection of surgeon and cosmetic procedure. Dr Anh will also recommend that you have a second consultation with her before your surgery to finalise the details of your procedure and ensure all your questions are answered prior to your hospital date, thus giving you total peace of mind about your treatment and aftercare.

Depending on your needs, Dr Anh may recommend either an open or closed rhinoplasty; these are the two primary variants of a rhinoplasty procedure. An open rhinoplasty will utilise an incision along the columella — the cartilage between your nostrils at the base of your nose — which will give Dr Anh more access to the internal structures of the nose, making finer adjustments of these elements possible during surgery.

A closed rhinoplasty will not utilise this incision and will minimise scarring and swelling and also shorten your time in surgery. While a closed rhinoplasty is somewhat less versatile than an open rhinoplasty, this technique can still achieve positive results for clients who do not have concerns with the internal structures of the nose or nose tip.

Some rhinoplasty procedures are performed as day surgery so patients can return home the same day, usually a few hours after surgery, when they are alert, eating and drinking, when they are comfortably mobile and when pain and any nausea are well-controlled.

Immediately after surgery, you will remain in the recovery room for observation for about an hour before being discharged home. You will need to arrange for a ride home from a family friend or loved one for your safety since you will still be under the influence of the anesthesia and pain medications that were administered for a few more hours.

After any surgery, including rhinoplasty, you will need to rest at home to protect your surgical area and allow your body to heal comfortably. For rhinoplasty, you should expect to be at home for about one week; however, you will be able to increase your activity level gradually throughout this time.

During the first week, you will have swelling and bruising (this will resemble black eyes when nasal bones are adjusted), you will have nasal splints in your nose and you will experience some mild pain and discharge. In subsequent weeks, you will have tape on your nose to help the swelling subside. You can expect pain to be comfortably managed by medication that Dr Anh will prescribe to you before surgery, and all your symptoms will continue to subside gradually throughout your recovery.

While heavy lifting and vigorous physical exercise should continue to be avoided for several weeks (because it can increase your blood pressure and put your surgical area at risk), most patients can return to work after the first week if they are comfortable and resume most if not all of the routine activities by this time.

It can take up to two years for most clients to have their full results since it will take time for swelling to subside fully and scars to mature. However, after 12 weeks, the majority of individuals will see that the symptoms of their surgery have subsided dramatically and they will already be able to appreciate the improvements which they sought through rhinoplasty. They can even take postoperative photos to celebrate their new look! Just listen to a recent patient describe how much her new look has already improved her look, her confidence and her satisfaction with life all thanks to Dr Anh.

If you live in the Perth area, schedule your rhinoplasty consultation with Dr Anh today!

A rhinoplasty surgery performed by a capable Specialist Plastic Surgeon like Dr Anh can transform the look of your nose and your entire face, truly revealing the inner you. When you look the way you want, you can feel the way you want, too, and by finally eliminating self-consciousness, you can get your self-confidence back and enjoy every aspect of life again! Dr Anh can help. The surgeon’s commitment to her patients, to a thorough consultation process and to producing surgical outcomes of the highest quality make her among the most sought after and respected surgeons in the Perth area for rhinoplasty. Whether you select a rhinoplasty procedure alone or a combination of treatments to rejuvenate every aspect of your face, residents of Perth and surrounding areas have a reliable and experienced surgical partner in Dr Anh.

If you wish to take the first step toward having a nose that will bring you pleasure every day, call and schedule your consultation with Dr Anh today and start discussing your options. You can reach our friendly team on 1300 8DRANH, or by completing our online contact form. Reveal your best face today with rhinoplasty performed by Dr Anh!

Implants create a quicker and simpler operation that can be performed under local anaesthetic without the potential complications of using a donor site. The disadvantages of implants are that they are a foreign body that can become infected, extrude, migrate and distort and scar the overlying skin and weaken and distort the underlying nasal framework. When a serious nasal implant complication ensues, such as infection or migration, it may require removal of the implant and complex nasal reconstruction.

Because cartilage grafts are the patient’s own native tissue, this means it is less likely to have foreign body reactions and infection. The disadvantages are that the surgery is much more complex, there is a donor site which has separate risks associated with it according to where the cartilage is harvested from, the recovery time is longer after this surgery and the cartilage may warp and revisionary work may be required later.

It is important to be thoroughly assessed for your suitability for a nasal reshaping procedure prior to your treatment and that your surgeon discusses all of your options with you in detail. We will always keep you fully informed about your surgery, and Dr Anh will discuss what treatment will give you the best results for your desired nose shape.

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