Reclaim Your Pre-baby Silhouette With our Mummy Makeover Procedure

The female body is an amazing thing; it is built to accommodate and then give birth to babies. But this can come at a cost. The impacts of pregnancy, childbirth, and even breastfeeding can completely change a woman’s body and place a significant toll on self-esteem and confidence.

Following pregnancy, many women find their body has changed dramatically. Breasts can be left enlarged or deflated; the body can suddenly start holding more fatty tissue than previously, and the abdomen is often stretched, leaving the appearance of “baggy” skin.

Our bodies are built to accommodate and give birth to babies. Unfortunately, the process of pregnancy and childbirth has an enormous impact on our bodies – breasts enlarging or deflating, the body holding more fatty tissue and a stretched abdomen.

Many women find that, in spite of diet and exercise, they are unable to return to their pre-pregnancy body, leaving them feeling overwhelmed and like they have lost their ‘youthfulness.’

While it’s a big commitment to make, we believe that investing in yourself is crucial. You have worked hard to be the best mum possible for your kids, and it’s time to give yourself the ability to look and feel comfortable in your own skin. Moreover, Dr Anh Nguyen and the team in Perth understand that pouring your energy into your kids and family can be overwhelming, so allowing yourself to achieve your aesthetic goals and get your pre-baby body back can be the first step to reclaiming your confidence.

Mummy Makeovers

Pre-baby body – it doesn’t have to be just a memory

We help mothers from all walks of life to regain their pre-baby body through the application of several different surgical procedures, often referred to as a Mummy Makeover.

Generally, this will include procedures such as:

Tummy tucks are popular procedures among new mothers, as are breast augmentations to restore volume loss, and breast lifts (mastopexy) to reduce sagging. Combined with liposuction and vaginal rejuvenation, these elements of the procedure are designed to give you an end-to-end makeover solution. It’s important to note, however, that having breast augmentation can affect your ability to breastfeed in the future, so discuss your surgical options with Dr Anh if you plan to breastfeed in the future.

At your mummy makeover consultation, Dr Anh Nguyen and the Perth team will discuss your goals and provide you with a personalised plan based on your unique needs and circumstances. During this time, she will help you understand which treatment options should be included in your procedure and inform you of whether liposuction, breast implants, vaginal rejuvenation and other mummy makeover options are suitable.

Enjoy Your Pre-baby Body Again

We aim to have you jumping back into your favourite swimsuit or flaunting your little black dress again – those little things you missed from before you fell pregnant. While all the changes have taken place and the body has gone through an incredible transformation to suit, we understand that you may just be itching to get back into your favourite clothes, or simply to feel ‘you’ again.

We believe it’s important to focus on who you are as a woman and the goals that you’re envisioning aesthetically. Our passion is to help you get on the right track towards reclaiming your confidence and putting the spotlight back onto yourself.

Why undergo a mummy makeover?

You’ve welcomed your new additions to the family and progressed into the wonderful stages of motherhood. And while the excitement is there and buzzing, it’s not uncommon to go through emotions towards your body image and the significant amount of change it has experienced.

For all women, bearing children can be a significantly difficult journey for the body. As areas of your figure change to suit pregnancy, labour and the stages after, your appearance eventually shifts from what you once knew it to be. Sometimes this can be confronting, and at times, frustrating, and you may find yourself quickly jumping into a rigorous exercise routine and diet to get it all back.

However, it’s not always easy to hop back to pre-pregnancy weight or aesthetics, and no matter how much exercise and healthy eating you incorporate into your lifestyle, you may not even see any results at all, or at least not the results you were expecting.

If you’ve found your body isn’t responding to healthy eating and exercise as it did before your pregnancy, a mummy makeover could be the answer you’ve been searching for. We use a combination of procedures (including breast lifts, augmentation, vaginal rejuvenation, liposuction and tummy tucks) to target your specific problem areas and help you to achieve your particular goals.

Mummy Makeovers

The Different Treatments Included in a Mummy Makeover

During this procedure, a number of treatments are combined to form a mummy makeover. This allows you to enjoy a holistic approach to feeling empowered and comfortable in your own body. Becoming familiar with each aspect will help you determine whether this end-to-end treatment is right for you:

Tightening the Abdomen

After giving birth, many women experience significant amounts of sagging around the abdomen, particularly in the lower areas. No matter how much exercise you incorporate into your lifestyle, or how well you eat, getting rid of this excess skin sometimes seems impossible. A tummy tuck (or abdominoplasty) re-tightens these loosened muscles, removing unnecessary skin and gives the area shape again. This may require the assistance of liposuction techniques to get the maximum effect. In some cases, women may also opt for vaginal rejuvenation to go hand-in-hand with this part of the treatment.

It’s important to note, however, that this part of the treatment is not an alternative to dieting or exercise, but rather to help you tackle your aesthetic goals to complement the hard work you’re doing. It’s not always possible to shift stubborn areas of excess skin and ‘flab,’ but abdominoplasty procedures can help you obtain self-confidence and comfort.

Lifting and Restoring the Breasts

Following pregnancy and childbirth, and particularly after breastfeeding, it’s prevalent to see a loss in volume in your breasts. You may also be experiencing significant sagging, which is all completely normal. If you’re feeling insecure or self-conscious with how your breasts look after these stages of motherhood, a breast lift or augmentation can help give you back the definition you’re after.

Breast implants can assist you in achieving more volume after having lost it during pregnancy and breastfeeding. During this part of the process, Dr Anh and her team of surgeons will appropriately increase your cup size using breast implants, ultimately matching them to your aesthetic goals, as well as ensuring they’re in proportion with your figure. Combining this with a breast lift will help you get the ‘perkier’ look you’re after, allowing you to feel as if you’ve regained your pre-baby body.

While some women may have lost size and volume during these stages of motherhood, others experience growth. For women who desire to get their pre-baby cup size back, a breast reduction is usually the most suitable option. However, we do not recommend augmentation or breast implants for women who intend on breastfeeding in the future.

Restoring Vaginal and Labial Areas

During childbirth, the body is put through immense change and stress. As a result, women often end up with an overly stressed labia, sometimes causing discomfort and commonly a loss of confidence.

Dr Anh Nguyen and the team use well-considered techniques through labiaplasty to restore the area by decreasing the size of the labia where necessary. In conjunction with this procedure, she may recommend including Mona Lisa Touch – a vulvovaginal health treatment that resolves issues around vulvovaginal atrophy and laxity. You can feel better about how you look ‘down there’ and have a more satisfying intimate life through safe and non-invasive treatment options like Mona Lisa Touch.

Improving Skin Condition

Some new mums experience skin pigmentation as a result of childbirth. This condition is known as melasma, and usually incurs brown or grey patches on the surface of the skin. These can be found on the face or elsewhere on the body, and due to the difficult process to hide it with makeup, many women end up feeling self-conscious about how these areas look.

At Dr Anh Nguyen’s clinic, signature treatments are available to reduce or eliminate this type of pigmentation. Ranging from laser treatment to peels, medical-grade cosmeceuticals and more, brightening up the tone of your skin and lightening the surface is no longer a challenge. During your initial consultation, Dr Anh Nguyen will discuss which option is the most suitable for the complexity of your problem.

Mummy Makeovers

Mummy Makeover FAQ

When is the best time to have a mummy makeover?

Dr Anh recommends your weight be stable for at least six months before undergoing a mummy makeover. If you are breastfeeding, it’s best to wait until at least six months after you stop nursing. It’s also recommended you ensure you are in the best emotional and physical condition possible before undergoing surgery of any variety.

One of the many reasons to wait at least six months after childbirth is because your body will still be going through the process of healing. As the tissues deep down in your abdomen have become severely stretched, and potentially ripped, it’s crucial to give the area time to revive itself. This is also the case for vaginal rejuvenation and breast augmentation.

After around six months, the hormones related to pregnancy will have subsided, and the stretching around your body will most likely have healed. This means that the tissue will hold together much more efficiently, once you go through the mummy makeover procedure.

What is the recovery period like?

Just like any procedure, the recovery period will vary from one person to another. The general rule is take around two to three weeks before heading back into your usual activities. This is the typical guideline for all treatments you may include in your mummy makeover – be it a breast augmentation and lift, breast implants, a tummy tuck or vaginal rejuvenation. Once you’ve hit the two to three-week mark, the swelling will have gone done significantly.

If you work an office or sedentary job, you can return to work within a few weeks, but for women returning to a more demanding position, more time off may be required before you jump back into heavy-lifting or physical tasks.

Additionally, the final result of your mummy makeover may take several months to become visible, as the body needs time to heal itself effectively.

As a general rule of thumb, you can expect the recovery period to look a little like this:

  • Pain medication for around a week: Dr Anh and her team in Perth will prescribe you the most appropriate pain management medication suited to your treatment and recovery.
  • Minimal activity for at least two weeks: To ensure prevention of blot clots, you will still need to move around. However, it’s best that you get someone to help you with your daily tasks and activities during this time. As mentioned above, you’ll also need at least two weeks off work.
  • No exercise for three weeks: After the three weeks, you can start to take slow, steady walks around your neighbourhood, but heavier activity should be avoided.
  • No intense exercise for six weeks: It’s crucial that you stay away from weights for at least six weeks after your procedure. Once you’re ready to get back into it, make sure you take it slowly and ease your body into the routine again.

Can you undergo treatment while breastfeeding?

During nursing, the breasts are still swollen and quite enlarged from the amount of milk they’re carrying. Because of this reason, we recommend you wait until you have finished breastfeeding to undergo a mummy makeover where augmentation is included.

Can you get a mummy makeover if you’re planning on more kids?

While it’s not necessary that you wait until you’re finished having kids to have the procedure done, it is recommended. The makeover can be performed at any stage, but because of the nature of changes that the female body goes through during pregnancy, the results of your procedure will be reversed. You may see the contouring begin to loosen, the breasts starting to sag and the abdomen skin stretch again.

During pregnancy, the work involved in a tummy tuck or vaginal rejuvenation may return to the pre-procedure state. Because the abdominal muscles separate during this time, it may be necessary to have another procedure done to redo the treatment.

How can you prepare for the procedure?

The best way to get organised for the treatment – whether you’re getting breast augmentation, liposuction, vaginal rejuvenation or the whole package – is to make sure you have everything lined up in advance. The procedure requires extensive downtime, so you’ll need to give yourself time off from the normal daily activities you take on. Additionally, ensure you’ve arranged for enough time off from work, and allow for someone to be around during your first few weeks, if possible. It’s likely you’ll need a hand with even the smaller tasks – from bathing the kids through to fiddling with car seats.

When you get back from your mummy makeover, you should have all the essentials already there and waiting for you. Equip yourself with healthy, clean foods, compression garments and prescribed medication. You may also want to have some stool softener handy in the first aid kit, just in case.

Can my surgery be performed by an all female staff?

We understand and appreciate how having an all female surgical team can be important for some patients. This requires additional coordination between the hospitals, anaesthetists and our clinic, and can sometimes add additional wait time until your surgery. With this in mind, having an all female surgical team is something that we are definitely able to arrange, simply mention this to Dr Anh during your scheduled consultation and our friendly surgical team will make the necessary arrangements.

How much does a mummy makeover cost?

Since a mummy makeover combines several different procedures, it can be difficult to determine exactly what the total cost will be without a consultation. During your consultation with Dr Anh, your specific concerns will be discussed and a thorough physical examination will need to be performed before any procedures can be recommended or costs can be discussed. In certain instances, some portions of a mummy makeover will qualify for a Medicare rebate – you can discuss the possibility of claiming a rebate with Dr Anh. It’s also highly recommended that you obtain a GP referral before your consultation if you want to go this route.

Mummy Makeover Before and After – Our Results

mummy makeover before and after - image 001 - collage
mummy makeover before and after - image 002
mummy makeover before and after - image 003
mummy makeover before and after - image 004 - collage

Getting Started With Your Mummy Makeover

For more information on mummy makeovers, please contact our friendly team today. If you are ready for a consultation about your desired treatment or procedure, please call Dr Anh today on 08 9361 2118

*It should be noted that having a breast augmentation may affect your ability to breastfeed in the future. This should be taken into consideration if you are considering having more children. 

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Mummy Makeovers

For more information on Mummy Makeovers, please contact our friendly team today. If you are ready for a consultation about your desired treatment or procedure please call Dr Anh today on 0893612118

*The Effects of Breast Augmentation Surgery on Future Ability to Lactate. [Article]. Breast, Journal, 13(1):62-67, January/February 2007. Leeds University School of Medicine. Michalopoulos, Kostas

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