Male breast reduction is professionally known as Gynaecomastia surgery which involves the removal and sculpting of the male breast tissue.

Gynaecomastia is a condition which can affect men of all different ages where the beast tissue over develops. This over development generally occurs just below the nipple, making the male breasts appear softer and less firm. Many men who are overweight also think that they are suffering from Gynaecomastia, however it is likely that they are merely overweight with excess weight all over the body. If you are overweight and think you have Gynaecomastia or medical ‘man boobs’ it is recommended that you get closer to your goal weight before any type of surgery is considered. This is important as if you do end up losing weight you may also require a body lift.

Male Breast Reduction

How can I get rid of ‘man boobs’?

If you do have the clinical condition of Gynaecomastia and wish to receive treatment for this we recommend visiting Dr Anh’s Perth cosmetic surgery. The procedure itself is normally combined with liposuction to remove fat as well as an excision of breast tissue (glandular tissue) that has formed. This will remove the tissue that is affecting the appearance of your ‘pecs’.

Male Breast Reduction

Your consultation will be private and understanding

We are passionate about creating a comfortable environment for patients of all ages, genders and conditions. We offer consultations with both male and female doctors, including Dr Anh and Dr Rob. During your initial consultation (which will take up to 45 minutes) your doctor will discuss your condition with you and gain an understanding of how you feel about your condition, the results you want to achieve and your expectations. You will also be able to ask questions during this time and we encourage you to do so.

FAQs - Male Breast Reduction Perth

There are many different causes for male breasts that can remove you as a candidate for surgery. Some causes include hormonal imbalances, medication and other diseases or disorders. If the cause of your Gynaecomastia stems from a treatable cause then it’s important that the underlying condition is treated before surgery commences.

Dr Anh strives to make her practice a comfortable place for everyone. There is no reason to be nervous as we treat this condition and similar concerns on a regular basis so nothing is strange to us. Please do not hesitate to let our team know about your nervousness before your appointment.

After your male breast reduction surgery at our Perth plastic surgery you may require the area to be drained and dressings or compresses to be applied.

Male Breast Reduction Perth

For more information on male breast reduction, please contact our friendly team today. If you are ready for a consultation about your desired treatment or procedure please call Dr Anh today on (08) 9322 2659

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