What does Labiaplasty surgery entail?

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that involves reducing the labia minora or inner lips to achieve an aesthetically pleasing shape and appearance. Dr Anh understands that labiaplasty is a sensitive topic and can discuss the surgery with you at your private consultation.

Otherwise known as the Designer Vagina

Many women refer to a labiaplasty as vaginal rejuvenation, the ‘designer vagina’, labioplasty and genital surgery. With many different names for the surgery, women can become confused as to what is involved. With every case Dr Anh will sit with you, explain each procedure in detail and ensure you are comfortable. Our team strives to create an open environment where our patients can discuss their concerns openly.

What expectations should I have about my vagina?

Without anything to compare to except airbrushed magazines, women are becoming confused as to what constitutes ‘normal’ labia…

We can’t emphasise enough that no two women are the same, and that every lady’s intimate area is different. If you are unhappy or embarrassed by the look or feel of your vagina, then a labiaplasty procedure may be able to help you.

FAQs – Labiaplasty Perth

These are the main reasons why women choose to have labiaplasty:


Elongated labia can cause discomfort and irritation from clothing or during intercourse. This can lead to further uncomfortable conditions, such as an increased number of yeast infections.


Some women also find that enlarged labia have a very negative affect on their self-confidence, especially if the problem is visible through swimsuits or clothing. It can also become an issue in the bedroom, with sufferers feeling embarrassed by the shape of their body.

Sexual intercourse

What’s more, elongated labia may sometimes also inhibit the sexual experience, making it more difficult for women to achieve orgasm. After labiaplasty, women may experience increased sexual pleasure, as well as an end to the discomfort of tight clothes.

These results cannot be guaranteed and should be assessed on a case by case basis. With our surgery the lines of the enlarged labia can be reduced with a variety of plastic surgical techniques which Dr Anh will discuss with patients after they have been clinically assessed to see what is suitable and appropriate for them.

Pain around the vulva and labia area can be a sign of large labia tissue

While all shapes of labia are normal, some women may find that they experience discomfort due to the size and shape of their private parts. Woman can be born with elongated labia, or the condition can worsen with age or by giving birth a number of times.

Women may be embarrassed by the appearance of their genitalia, particularly having large or asymmetrical labia minora (inner lips). This may cause women discomfort during intercourse, may protrude and rub on clothing or simply not look “right” to them.

Enlarged labia can be caused by hereditary enlargement, hormonal imbalances, chronic infection and chronic irritation and dermatitis.

No matter what the cause there is a solution that can help you. If you do have any form of infection however it is important that the original cause is treated.

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