The first step to a beautiful face can be beautiful eyebrows, and with our brow lift you can rejuvenate your whole look

If you feel your eyes are looking tired, it may not actually be your eyes that are the issue. Droopy eyebrows can give an illusion of tired eyes, and can also significantly age the face. By lifting the brows Dr Anh can effectively restore youth and radiance to your facial aesthetic.

What is a brow lift?

A brow lift is a procedure designed to improve the appearance of the upper face. The skin on the forehead, brow and around the eyes will be raised, fixed and restored to a higher position. Thus, wrinkles in the forehead are decreased.

Performed under a local or general anaesthetic, a brow lift procedure can return a youthful look to the face by raising the eyebrows, the sagging skin deposits along the forehead and any drooping or wrinkled skin around the brows and eyes. Unlike some wrinkle relaxant treatments that need to be repeated on a regular basis, a brow lift is a longer-lasting, one-off facial enhancement procedure that can give your face a fresher, more youthful look with minimal post-surgery downtime.

Dr Anh will examine you to assess your suitability for a brow lift and discuss with you in greater detail the appropriate options for you.

Improve your brow arches and decrease sagging

The main effect of a brow lift is to improve the general arch of your brows. This can create a placid resting facial appearance, as many people have brows that contort into a frown at rest. This is due to squinting and stress which can cause a worried expression to become static. Sagging is also reduced as the procedure is designed to pull the sagging skin upward creating a smooth brow area and even a smoother upper eyelid area.

There are other benefits of a brow lift including improved vision in some patients as the excess skin is removed from sight. There is also often less stress placed on the eyelid which is much more comfortable during every day activities.

FAQs - Brow Lift Perth

Eye brow lifts have been designed for both men and women who have grown tired of having too many wrinkles, burrows and sagging skin deposits along their forehead, brow line and around their eyes.

While it is commonly assumed that a brow lift procedure is most often undertaken by those over the age of 40, there is an increasing amount of younger Australians that are eager to alleviate signs of premature ageing brought on by high stress levels, smoking and too much sun exposure. If you are of a younger age and want to improve your appearance Dr Anh welcomes you to book a consultation where she will discuss your options.

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