Has gravity taken its toll on your body and left you with sagging breasts and low self-esteem?

As we age gravity and other factors such as pregnancy, breastfeeding and weight loss take its toll on our bodies, leaving us with sagging, less volumous breasts. At our Perth plastic surgery we are able to use a breast lift to reshape and lift the breasts to a more full and desirable position.

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What is a breast lift?

A breast lift, or mastopexy, can lift the position of your breasts. Some patients also experience an improved level of self-esteem after the procedure as their breasts look how they want them to look.

The surgery will involve tightening the skin and repositioning the breasts for a firmer and perkier bosom. This procedure will not alter the size of your breasts; however it will rejuvenate your shape and profile with a youthful and uplifted appearance. A breast lift can be performed in conjunction with an augmentation to provide volume for those requiring it.

Why is Dr Anh the best plastic surgeon to see for breast surgery?

Experience and Expertise

Dr Anh has performed hundreds of successful breast lift and breast augmentation procedures. Through the course of her career breast surgery has remained one of her top surgical areas. She has even presented at conferences abroad on her research into breast aesthetics and breast implants.

Understanding and Empathy

Dr Anh finds that being a female surgeon helps her connect with patients. Her female patients feel comfortable discussing their bodies with her. She has shared many of the same concerns patients have prior getting surgery. Dr Anh prides herself on creating a caring environment. A place that patients feel safe and supported. Dr Anh helps patients to make informed decisions prior to surgery.


Details on your cosmetic procedure will be private and confidential, as we know surgery is a sensitive subject that many wish to keep to themselves.



Breast Lift
Breast Lift
Breast Lift
Breast Lift


Breast Lift
Breast Lift
Breast Lift
Breast Lift

What’s involved in a breast lift consultation?

The initial consultation can be daunting for you. It is only natural to feel nervous about revealing your concerns about your breasts and it is only natural to feel self-conscious when sharing your personal feelings about your appearances with someone you have never met before. Dr Anh Nguyen understands that you may feel this way and will try to make the consultation as comfortable for you as possible.

Dr Nguyen and her cosmetic consultants will spend about 45 minutes with you to gain a better understanding of why you are seeking a breast lift, what results you want to achieve from the mastopexy and what your expectations are of having the procedure. Dr Nguyen will obtain a medical and surgical history and then examine you.

Thereafter, she will discuss with you what options are available to you (type of breast lift, scars, need for implants etc), complications and implications if a complication were to occur, the steps that will be taken to minimize these complications, the aftercare and expected postoperative recovery.

Dr Anh will show you before and after photos of her patients who have had a breast lift, answer any of your questions and provide you with written material about breast lift surgery for you to take home. A quote will be given to you at the end of the consultation and the practice manager will explain all of the costs involved in the surgery.

Envisage by Dr Anh is included in the price of your consultation. This allows you to see your new boobs through a virtual reality headset before undergoing surgery!

Dr Nguyen believes that the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is a very personal and important one and should not be made without considerable research, information and understanding. That is why she will recommend you go and seek other opinions, obtain as much information as possible and be comfortable with the surgeon you choose to perform the cosmetic surgery for you.

Dr Nguyen will recommend a second consultation with you, to go over things again and cover any further questions that you might have.

A word of caution on overseas cosmetic surgery

We repair a lot of botched jobs

Some breast surgery patients have opted for cheap procedures overseas. Unhappy with the results, they come in to have their botched boob jobs repaired. There can be many health risks of having cosmetic surgery abroad.

The medical risks

Many countries’ medical regulations aren’t as strict as Australia’s. These regulations exist to keep you safe and healthy. Having a breast enlargement in a less sterile environment increases the risk of infection. Even scarier, your surgeon may not have trained to perform the surgery. You can end up with results far from what you had envisioned. We have all heard the horror stories of things going wrong with cosmetic surgery tourism:

  • People losing their nipples
  • Terrible infections
  • Allergic reactions to cheap products
  • Even death

While you may save now, but you’ll pay later

If that’s not enough to deter you, consider that you could end up spending way more money. The money you save on a cheaper breast lift procedure is at risk of being spent tenfold. It’s expensive dealing with medical complications of an incorrectly done surgery. Therefore it’s also expensive to repair botched results. Combined, these can lead to higher costs than paying for a high quality procedure in the first place.

It’s just not worth it

Does the cost of breast lift with Dr Anh seems out of reach? If so, we encourage you to consider finance options. Another options is to save up a bit longer. It’s worth it in order to afford good quality surgical care. In the end you’ll be glad you did. Don’t gamble with your health.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like more volume in your breasts as well as more upper breast fullness, then a breast lift alone will not achieve this. A breast implant will be needed in addition to the breast lift to enhance the breast size, volume and upper breast fullness. This is known as an augmentation mastopexy, which is technically a more challenging procedure.

Traditionally, an augmentation mastopexy (breast lift and enlargement) are performed in stages – first the breast lift and once the patient has healed, the second stage will be a breast enlargement with an implant. This is due to the competing forces that occur during a single stage augmentation mastopexy where the tissues and skin are tightened in a lift (as well as the breast gland being reshaped and repositioned). While on the other hand, an implant is enlarging the breast and putting tension on the reduced skin envelope.

Despite this, an augmentation mastopexy can be performed at the one operation but it is not as simple, and it is not unusual if minor revisions are required in the future.

During a breast life Dr Anh will also be able to improve the appearance of the nipples and areolas if they should point downward or are stretched or enlarged. Dr Anh will discuss this with you prior to surgery.

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Breast Lift

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