A VISIA Skin Analysis with Dr Anh in Perth can diagnose skin problems beneath and on top of the skin.

VISIA Skin Analysis can help to diagnose:

  • Bacteria and oil deposits
  • Skin irregularities
  • Wrinkles
  • Texture
  • Pore size
  • UV spots and damage
  • Vascular networks
  • Skin discolouration

The purpose of this skin analysis is to diagnose the cause of skin issues like redness, freckles or pimples. Generally if people are unhappy with the quality of their skin it will be because of ageing or because of another appearance-related issue. With this advanced skin analysis tool we can fully understand the problem and recommend the best treatment (laser or Medispa procedure) with all of the information.

Tackle problems before they become apparent

The VISIA scanner can expose problems beneath the skin that have not yet become apparent on the outer layer of skin. Using this advanced technology we can help prevent breakouts, wrinkles and more by diagnosing the problem during the beginning of the process.

What’s included in the VISIA scan

The VISIA scan is a rapid and painless procedure which utilises revolutionary scanning technology. You will receive a copy of your scan results (digitally or in hard copy form) and either Dr Anh or one of our team members will explain your results in detail and make a recommendation based on the condition of your skin.

Based on these recommendations you may be inclined to wear more sunblock as well as receive a procedure from our Medispa and Wellness clinic in Perth. We have one of the largest treatment ranges and an array of skin products to suit every skin type and treat many skin problems.

How the VISIA Skin Analysis works:

Our Recommendations

Depending on the results that the VISIA skin scan provides our team may recommend a procedure or treatment. We have many laser treatments that can treat different severities of wrinkles and ageing symptoms such as Fraxel laser, PRP treatment, IPL and HydraFacial. Not all of these treatments will be suitable for everybody as it will always depend on your skin and of course your budget. If you are looking to get rid of freckles and pigmentation (UV spots exposed by VISIA) then IPL may be the best treatment for you.

We also have many facials that are appropriate for all skin types such as our hydrating facial, purifying facial and more.

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VISIA Skin Analysis

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