Photodynamic therapy can be used to target treatment to specific areas.

During photo dynamic therapy with IPL treatment Dr Anh will use an ALA to target the areas of your skin you want treated. An ALA means aminolevulinic acid which is a photosensitiser which attracts the intense pulsed light of the IPL treatment. This makes it the perfect treatment for small skin imperfections such as freckles, sun spots and more which can be targeted with the ALA, rather than treat the entire area.

Photo dynamic therapy can also be used to treat skin cancers

Photo dynamic therapy can be used to target cancerous skin cells that appear as sun spots on the skin. These often appear as blotchy patches that may grow in size or change colour if they are indeed cancerous.

How does photodynamic therapy work?

Photodynamic therapy uses a photosensitiser which will be applied to the target area. Once this is applied to the area the IPL treatment will be applied. A specific wave length of intense pulsed light within the IPL will create a special chemical reaction with the photosensitiser. The reaction will result in nearby cells getting destroyed by a particular form of oxygen which is created. This is how unwanted cells are destroyed such as cancerous cells and cells which produce the wrong pigment (melanocytes).

The photosensitiser which is used is also responsible for controlling how deep the IPL energy penetrates the skin which is suitable for most pigmentation. However, IPL can still not penetrate deeper than approximately one centimetre of tissue. This means that for more excessive concerns, such as tumours that lay further below the skin, it is not effective. This is why photodynamic therapy is recommended for the treatment of melanomas (skin cancer) as they generally exist in the top layers of skin.

Photodynamic therapy for acne

Treatment of acne has also been successful with photodynamic therapy using IPL. Dr Anh can target the areas of your skin that are problematic with the photosensitiser. This will focus the IPL on your troublesome areas so that it can improve the quality of the skin.

Photodynamic Therapy FAQs

Unfortunately photodynamic therapy for cancer of different parts of the body is not yet a standard treatment.

Yes most people do require multiple photodynamic therapy sessions with IPL. Generally 3-5 treatments are applied with 2-4 week intervals in between to give the skin enough time to heal.

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Photodynamic Therapy

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