Liposonix can contour your physique without the need for invasive surgery and with minimal down time

Liposonix can define your body shape by smoothing stubborn pockets of fat. It is a non-surgical solution designed to refine your shape performed by Dr Anh at her Perth plastic surgery.

Ideal candidates for the Liposonix procedure include those who are:

  • Time poor, busy individuals
  • In relatively healthy shape but desire to lose those last stubborn fat deposits
  • Looking for a non-surgical option with fewer side effects and reduced downtime
  • Wishing to go down one dress size (2.5 cm)
  • Realistic about the outcome
  • Not pregnant

The Liposonix Procedure and Technology

The Liposonix procedure is performed by Dr Anh at her Perth cosmetic surgery clinic. The procedure uses focused ultrasound technology which Dr Anh harnesses to emulsify your fat cells (adipose tissue). The technology used in Liposonix is called HIFU technology which is utilised in non-invasive fat reduction procedures. This technology is able to target fat cells as it is absorbed by the layers of skin beneath the surface (subcutaneous fat tissue) which is a much more focused technology when compared to older technologies. The complete treatment will take a singular hour-long appointment, during which four main steps will be performed:

  1. Locating the area for treatment and applying the Liposonix hand-held device
  2. Ultrasound energy is applied through the device targeting areas of fat beneath the epidermis
  3. The skin layer will not be harmed while a continuous lesion is created in the fat cells beneath the skin
  4. The fat will be eliminated via the body’s natural healing process which will emulsify the fat
  5. The final results of the procedure will be noticeable from 8-12 weeks as the body has to naturally expel the fat

Your consultation with Dr Anh

Dr Anh will discuss your options with you during an in-depth consultation. She welcomes any questions that you have about your potential procedure and your condition in general.

FAQs - Liposonix Perth

No hospital stay is generally required after this procedure; in fact most patients feel comfortable going straight home. You will still experience a degree of discomfort and some gentle bruising, however recovery time is drastically reduced compared to Liposonix’s surgical counterpart liposuction which uses more invasive measures to gently suction out fat.

Liposonix is a close non-surgical equivalent to liposuction. For some people liposuction is not an applicable treatment and vice versa with Liposonix. If you wish to have a significant amount of fat removed then liposuction may suit your expectations more than Liposonix. If you desire subtle enhancement and don’t want to partake in surgery then Liposonix may be for you.

Dr Anh will walk you through each of your choices during your initial consultation which generally goes for approximately 45 minutes.

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