"Unfortunately your mouth is one of the first places to show the signs of ageing by thinning and losing its volume, particularly in the upper lip. Lip fillers can help patients of all ages achieve larger lips and reduce the signs of ageing." Dr Anh

Benefits of lip fillers

  1. Can help you achieve fuller, voluminous lips
  2. Lips that don’t look thin or ‘disappear’ when you smile
  3. Larger lips that are still proportionate to your features
  4. Natural looking results are our priority

Lip Enhancement involves improving the natural shape of your lips

When it comes to lip fillers less is more. Most patients want natural looking lips, which means that the final result cannot look too fake or disproportionate to existing facial features. This is why our Doctor and nurses will always assess not only your lips but also the rest of your face as not every face can pull off Angelina Jolie lips. In all cases we can achieve a significantly improved lip appearance that also suits your natural features and lip shape.

When looking at lip shape we will pay attention to the cupids bow area, the corners of the lips and where your natural volume already exists. We approach every lip filler treatment on an individual basis, so every patient’s final result will look different to the next, though beautiful in their own way.

Lip Filler Brands

To adhere to the medical guidelines we cannot mention the specific brand names of lip fillers here, although we can assure you that we carry some of the world’s most highly respected brands which will be discussed with you at your obligation free consultation.

Lip Fillers have the ability to:

  • Redefine your facial appearance
  • Improve the appearance of fuller and softer lips
  • Fill out fine lines that can appear on the lips with age
  • Improve the appearance of your lips when you smile
  • Improve the appearance of thinning lips where volume loss has occurred

The mouth – where we showcase our joy, grief and even sensuality – is not immune to the signs of ageing…

Ageing is synonymous with volume loss (deflation), sagging (ptosis or descent) and wrinkling. Unfortunately, our mouths and lips can also show signs of ageing. Some of this ageing is due to the natural ageing process, facial animation and genetics whilst in some individuals, this can be accelerated by environmental factors such as sun exposure and smoking. With age, the upper lip lengthens, the lower lip loses volume, the tissue around the corners of our mouth deflate, the corners of our mouth turn down, lines and wrinkles form around our mouth, our chin pad sags (chin ptosis) and the nasolabial folds on each side of our mouth become more prominent.

How you can reclaim a youthful mouth…

The lines around the mouth (perioral rhytids) can be addressed with laser resurfacing such as Sciton Profractional laser or Fraxel laser. Alternatively, the lines can also be reduced using dermal fillers to soften those lines. If there are many strong dynamic lines around the mouth on animation, a small amount of wrinkle relaxants can also help improve the appearance of lines. Dermabrasion or chemical peels can also be used to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. A combination of treatments can effectively improve the quality of the skin and soft tissues around the mouth.

The long upper lip can also be addressed with a lip lift which is a surgical manoeuvre to lift the lip and reshape it. The deep nasolabial crease and prominent nasolabial folds may require a midface lift or fillers.

Why Choose Dr Anh for Lip Fillers in Perth

It’s important to visit an experienced clinician when receiving dermal fillers – especially in the lips. Your lips are one of the most delicate areas of tissue in the body, and if completed incorrectly can be distracting and simply look ‘not quite right’. Our nurses will have an in-depth consultation with you regarding the shape that you want to achieve and let you know of any limitations to ensure your goals are realistic and will look natural. Our team is also highly experienced and operating with the highest quality equipment and filler materials.

Lip Fillers FAQ

Are fillers safe to use?

Everybody responds differently to treatment, just like some people are allergic to nuts and some people are not. Generally we have found that fillers are safe for most people as they are often made out of a naturally occurring compound.

What type of fillers do you use?

Unfortunately according to the Medical Guidelines for plastic surgeons we cannot mention the brand names or technical products that are used as fillers at our Perth Medispa. We can tell you what we offer in person at your initial consultation with Dr Anh. You can rest assured that we have a broad range of fillers available.

Is there a permanent solution?

There are permanent types of fillers that can be used for permanent volume. Lips are the most suitable place for permanent fillers as the skin generally does not age too much. If you have permanent fillers for example in your cheeks, your skin can age and sag around them causing them to look unnatural. Dr Anh will recommend the best solution for your face and your body, so please visit her for a consultation.

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