Feather Touch brows are a form of eyebrow tattoo available in Perth that can define your brows and improve your overall look

Like many of us, you have probably either over-plucked your brows in your younger years, or you weren’t born with the perfect, symmetrical killer brows that are so in-vogue at the moment.

Most women waste countless hours a year pencilling their brows in with eyebrow pencil that can be hard to manoeuvre. Luckily, there’s an easier way to achieve beautiful brows, called Feather Touch.

Sculpted bold brows frame the eyes and improve your facial features. They can also create a more polished look, and with cosmetic tattooing, you can achieve this without spending hours in front of the mirror. Feather Touch brows is a new tattooing system which uses a minute needle to build up your own brows, creating a natural looking and semi-permanent result.

Feather Touch brows are a cosmetic tattooing solution that can help:

  • Fix asymmetrical brows
  • Fill in patchy brows with sparse hair growth
  • Create a natural arch, even in brows that don’t naturally have this
  • Minimise the time you spend looking after your brows
  • Save you money on regular brow tinting appointments and makeup

For all of these reasons, Feather Touch brows are the ultimate solution for “lazy beauty girls” who want to have a fierce brow shape without having to attend fortnightly maintenance appointments.

What is the cost of feather touch brows?

Feather Touch brows cost $800 with the Dr Anh team. The initial treatment is $600 and 6 weeks after you require a touch up which is $200. Touch-ups are generally required about every 12-18 months depending on your skin’s response to the treatment. Always contact our team to find out about our most recent specials

Here at our Perth Medispa and Wellness Clinic, we perform this treatment in a luxury setting, located in the Crown Metropol Perth. Our beauty therapist, Nadine, has a special interest in cosmetic tattooing and brow shaping, and she has made Feather Touch her trademark treatment here at the Dr Anh clinic.

With every client, Nadine aims to achieve a natural arch shape, the perfect brow colour and a natural appearance.

Feather Touch brow FAQs

Feather Touch brows cost $800 with the Dr Anh team. The initial treatment is $600 and 6 weeks after you require a touch up which is $200. If you are unsure whether to select us for your eyebrow tattooing, please take a look at our before and afters. We strive to create perfectly shaped brows every time and will ensure that we create a brow-look that suits your desires: whether you want subtle or bold brows.

The first session of Feather Touch usually fades faster depending on your skin’s reaction to the pigment in the ink. This will give you time to assess your brows, and if you do not wish to maintain the shaped brow look you can simply stop having your yearly touch-ups and the treatment will fade naturally.

This procedure is semi-permanent and the first procedure often fades faster than the follow up procedures. Once you have had two treatments you should only require a touch-up approximately every 12-18 months. This will keep the brows in perfect condition with crisp contoured lines.

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Our cosmetic tattooist, Lisa, has a special interest in cosmetic tattooing and completes all of our Feather Touch treatments. Most of our team have undergone this treatment as well and are very happy with the results.

You can see more before and afters on our Facebook page, where we regularly post before and after photos.

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