If you’re looking for a virtually painless way to tighten your skin Dr Anh may have the answer.

At Dr Anh’s Perth cosmetic surgery clinic we offer a range of laser treatments to improve and enhance your body and skin. Exilis offers a non-invasive option for tightening skin that is safe, effective and has next to no downtime.

The Exilis technology and procedure

This skin tightening technology uses ultrasound waves combined with a specific radiofrequency to target structures that make and keep your skin springy and tight. An easy, virtually painless solution, Exilis can treat the area you most want changed.

Every patient has a unique skin texture, elasticity and tensile strength so when you attend your initial consultation Dr Anh will assess your skin type to determine if Exilis treatment is right for you.

Benefits of Exilis from Dr Anh

More and more patients are seeking non-invasive treatments that can be carried out with little downtime, pain and yield natural results. This is why the Exilis skin tightening treatment has been voted one of the best devices for tightening sagging skin.

The Exilis is ideal for achieving a refreshed, tightened effect to your face and body while maintaining your natural appearance. Five of the benefits of this treatment are:

  1. Virtually pain-free
  2. Safe and effective
  3. Little-to-no-downtime
  4. Non-invasive
  5. Precise and target for deep skin penetration

What’s involved with this treatment?

The purpose of your initial consultation, aside from assessing your viability for this treatment, is to ensure you are made aware of what is involved with this treatment. Dr Anh will also provide you with an estimate of how many treatments you will need for the best possible results.

Depending on what your desired outcome is, you will either require 2 treatments 2 to 3 weeks apart: or 4 treatments 2 to 4 weeks apart. Each treatment can be as short as 10 minutes or as long as 40 minutes; this is determined by the area being treated.

Addressing a need: According to statistics compiled by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in 2009, the two cosmetic procedures most in-demand were body shaping and treating skin laxity. Exilis offers focused RF technology in one platform to redefine the face and body, helping countless patients with multiple concerns.

Precision: Exilis is designed with maximum control that allows RF energy to be applied to the targeted skin layer for optimal depth and duration of penetration. This innovative harnessing of focused RF relies on the ideal combination of heating and cooling to achieve the best effect while keeping the patient comfortable and pain-free.

Fast & effective: The ability to reach therapeutic temperature in the shortest amount of time combined with the safety of Energy Flow Control translate to treatments that are only 20 to30 minutes in duration.

Patients can expect smoothing of wrinkles, and shaping of the body and face. Many patients are so pleased with the results that they decide to have additional areas treated and refer others for treatment.

Exilis has been tested in clinical studies and proven to be safe and effective. It has been approved by the FDA in the U.S. for use in dermatologic and aesthetic procedures with indications for non-invasive treatment of wrinkles and rhytids.

Some pinkness on the treated area may last for about 15-30 minutes. Patients should increase water intake on the day of treatment and the day after, and should engage in light exercise such as walking to enhance cosmetic results.

Exilis is recommended for any patient between the ages of 25 and 70+ who desires cosmetic improvement on their face and body, particularly those areas that show the signs of aging and have not responded to exercise and/or weight loss. Exilis is ideal for treating wrinkles, skin laxity, and shaping the face and body. Common areas of treatment include the eye area, around the mouth, chin area, jaw line, décolleté, abdomen, back, arms, legs, knees and ankles.

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Exilis Skin Tightening

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