Clear and Brilliant is designed for all skin types, colour and age and it’s perfect for maintaining naturally beautiful skin after you’ve had an invasive procedure or if you want to maintain young skin. Repetitive treatments provide the best results, and your treatment plan can be customised depending on your requirements. Dr Anh will discuss this with you at her Perth location after she has performed a skin analysis. This will determine if Clear and Brilliant is the best option for you.

Clear and Brilliant Technology

The laser energy of Clear and Brilliant creates millions of microscopic treatment zones in your skin, replacing damaged skin with healthy, younger looking tissue. This renewal process is necessary in order to improve skin texture and tone for glowing skin. The Clear and Brilliant laser was created by Solta Medical who have pioneered fractional laser therapy for many years. The power of laser therapy for skin rejuvenation has long been regarded as the best treatment for improving skin, and fractional therapy has utilised this therapy to promote natural healing. This healing process works by stimulating the untreated cells to heal the cells that have been treated. This then creates brand new skin cells for fresh looking skin.

Comfortable treatment with Clear and Brilliant

One of the greatest things about Clear and Brilliant is that it is extremely comfortable, which means it requires little to no down time whatsoever. Each treatment takes approximately 10-20 minutes which means that your procedure won’t impact your busy lifestyle.

Smart-tip technology and what to expect from your Clear and Brilliant treatment

The smart-tip applicator will apply the laser energy to your treatment area. This treatment is best suited to the face and décolletage, which are the areas that are most frequently exposed to harsh exterior factors such as sunlight, pollution and toxins. The main benefits of the Clear and Brilliant laser include:

  • Illuminated skin tone
  • Softer skin and smoother texture
  • A natural ‘glow’
  • Minimised pores (which means less blackheads and acne)

An ideal candidate

The Clear and Brilliant laser is often referred to as the mini Fraxel as it provides significant improvement similar to the Fraxel laser, although slightly less powerful. Therefore this treatment is perfect for individuals that are relatively happy with the appearance of their skin, although they may have some imperfections such as larger pores, and overall skin tone/texture. This treatment is perfect for younger people who take regular care of their skin. For a pre-treatment consultation please visit Dr Anh and her team at their Perth location.

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