Reduce the symptoms associated with incontinence

emsella system - image 001Millions of women around the world are living with urinary incontinence, a condition that can lower your quality of life and lead to a decrease in confidence. Even simple reactions such as laughing and sneezing can cause urine leakage when the pelvic floor is not strong enough.

Until now, there were limited options available to treat this common issue but EMSELLA is a revolutionary new treatment that is changing this.

EMSELLA is a non-invasive treatment that women of any age can benefit from. Using the power of electromagnetic technology, this system stimulates and strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor, gradually reducing the symptoms associated with incontinence.

Treatments are performed at Dr Anh’s clinic in Perth, where she offers an array of non-surgical treatments that aim to enhance your quality of life as well as your appearance.

Benefits of EMSELLA Treatments

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Gradually stronger pelvic muscles

EMSELLA is a breakthrough urinary incontinence treatment that uses a specially designed chair to direct electromagnetic energy into the underlying muscles of the pelvic floor. As the muscles contract, they gradually get stronger, which will increase bladder control over the long term.

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30 minute treatments

In just 30 minutes, the EMSELLA chair will stimulate the pelvic floor muscles over 11,000 times, which is the same as doing thousands of Kegel exercises. Patients remain fully clothed during their treatment and are free to return to their normal routines directly after their session.

Emsella Perth WA

Regain their confidence

This system is revolutionary and is helping women regain their confidence without the need for surgery.


Learn what these patients thought of their BTL EMSELLA experience as well as their physical and mental transformations.

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Emsella Perth WA

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