Tuberous Breasts Photos

Tuberous breasts are characterized by elongated, pointed, or droopy breasts. Women with this condition can also develop nipples that are larger than the areola. In addition, one breast usually appears larger than the other. While this breast condition is not life-threatening, some women may seek options to correct it. Please find our tuberous breasts photos of actual patients.

Causes of tuberous breasts

The most common causes of this breast condition are the following:

  • Genetics
  • Problems with breast tissue formation during puberty
  • Problems with deposition of a protein called collagen

Breastfeeding ability

This condition can lead to inadequate milk supply which affects your breastfeeding ability. Even if you breastfeed more often, your baby will not receive enough milk. As a result, you will need to resort to bottle feeding.

Psychological effects

Women with this condition can have low self-esteem due to the unusual size and shape of their breasts. This in turn can affect their normal social activities as well as quality of life.

Good candidates for the procedure

Dr Anh will assess your breast condition during your consultation at her clinic in Perth. This allows her to create a customised treatment plan that will best suit your needs. In general, you can undergo the surgery if:

  • You don’t smoke, or quit smoking at least 3-6 weeks before surgery.
  • You don’t have a bleeding or clotting disorder.
  • You have low self-esteem due to the unusual appearance of your breasts.
  • You have noticeable breast unevenness.
  • You have realistic expectations and a positive outlook.
  • Your breasts are elongated, pointed, or droopy.

How tuberous breasts are treated

This breast condition is usually corrected using breast implants. During the procedure, your surgeon will administer general anaesthesia. Once it has taken effect, your surgeon will create an incision around your breasts. This opens up the tight tissue in your breasts and allows placement of the implant. The type and size of your breast implant will depend on your body type and desired results. Your surgeon will then insert the breast implant into your breast and will secure it in place. If you have sagging skin, your surgeon will remove the excess skin to reshape your breasts. Once the desired breast size and shape is achieved, your surgeon will close the incisions. Sterile dressing or gauze will be then applied over your surgical wound.

Risks and complications associated with the surgery

During your consultation, our tuberous breasts specialist and top Australian female plastic surgeon Dr Anh Nguyen will discuss all you need to know about the procedure. This includes the following risks and complications:

  • Allergic reaction to the breast implant or its components
  • Changes in the sensation of your breasts
  • Difficulty moving your arms
  • Failure to achieve your desired results
  • Increasing pain in your breasts
  • Infection
  • Numbness in one or both breasts
  • Possibility of another surgery to correct complications and poor results
  • Reopening of your wound
  • Scarring
  • Skin irritation
  • Slow healing of the wound
  • Uncontrolled bleeding

For more details about tuberous breasts surgery please contact us and schedule an appointment with our principal surgeon Dr Anh Nguyen in our Perth plastic surgery clinic.