Breast Augmentation Photos

Not all women are gifted with breasts that are in proportion to their bodies. Some may have underdeveloped breasts that are too small in relation to their body type. While there are no proven natural ways to increase your breast size, having breast surgery can help. Spend some time to look at our breast augmentation before and after photos of real patients to determine if you can benefit from this procedure.

The breast augmentation procedure

This surgery enhances your breasts so that they are in proportion to your body. To achieve this, breast implants are usually used. During the procedure, your plastic surgeon creates an incision in your breasts. This is where the implants are inserted and secured. Once the implants are in place, your breast augmentation specialist will close the incisions using sutures. As your wounds heal, you will notice that your breasts slowly adjust to their new shape and size.

The procedure can also be performed using your own body fat. To do this, your surgeon harvests fat from another part of your body. The fat is then processed in the laboratory and is injected into your breasts. Aside from enhancing your breast appearance, it has the added benefit of removing unwanted fat.

Ideal candidates for breast augmentation

Dr Anh will check your health history at her clinic in Perth. This allows her to determine if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure. In general, breast augmentation is best performed in patients who have:

  • Fully developed breasts
  • Lost breast volume due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight changes
  • Lost their breasts via surgery to prevent the spread of breast cancer
  • Realistic expectations
  • Smaller and underdeveloped breasts
  • Uneven breast size and shape

The recovery period

The recovery time will depend on the extent of the surgery and your overall health. We recommend that you take at least one week off work to allow your surgical wounds to heal. As you recover at home, you should avoid heavy lifting and other strenuous activities for one month. To reduce soreness and pain, you need to take pain relievers and anti-inflammatories.


For more details, please visit our main breast augmentation page, or contact us and schedule an appointment with Dr Anh Nguyen.