Frequently Asked Questions

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Dr Anh is here to answer any questions you have about your procedure or treatment at her Perth clinic. Please take a look at our FAQs to see if your question has already been answered.

How soon can I get a consultation?

Dr Anh is very busy, so it helps for you to plan ahead for your consultation. However, we can usually arrange your consultation within two to three weeks of your initial enquiry, however this may take longer during peak periods.

Do I need a referral to book a consultation?

A referral is required to see Dr Anh, regardless of concern. It is important to have all the necessary paperwork in order to maximise any rebates you may be entitled to.

You don’t need to have a referral to book your appointment, however you will need to obtain one before attending our rooms. It is important that your referral is dated either on or before your consultation date with Dr Anh.

How soon can I have my procedure?

Once you have had a consultation with Dr Anh and chosen to proceed with surgery, our dedicated surgical team will help you organise a suitable surgery date. Dr Anh recommends planning in advance for your surgery so that you can arrange time off from your regular activities so that you can rest, recover and heal properly.

The wait time for your surgery can vary depending on the time of year, the procedure you are receiving and the preparation required. Dr Anh sometimes has a waiting period of up to six months, so it pays to have your desired surgery date booked as far in advance as possible, especially if you need to have your procedure at a specific time, for example over Christmas and during school holidays.

In fact, many of our patients have worked in education, which makes school holidays a popular surgical time for Dr Anh. You will need to book surgeries during this time quite far in advance.

What is the best time of year to have surgery?

Ultimately, there is no best time to have surgery. The right time will depend on your individual lifestyle and at-home circumstances. Keep in mind that school holidays are always a busy time, as having surgery during the school term can cause disruption to the family.

Many patients choose to have surgery over Christmas or Easter, while others choose the winter months so that they can hibernate and recover at home. Generally, February and November are the quietest months for surgery.

Is there a minimum and maximum age for plastic surgery?

Dr Anh prefers to see patients who are a minimum of 18 years old, however some younger patients can be operated on for corrective or reconstructive purposes, such as otoplasty. You are, however, welcome to bring your child in to see Dr Anh for a talk about their future options.

While many patients in their 50’s and 60’s fear that they are too old for plastic surgery, NOBODY is too old, so long as they are in good health. In fact, Dr Anh sees patients of all ages who wish to transform their lives with breast, body and face surgery.

Which hospitals does Dr Anh operate in?

Dr Anh only operates at accredited hospital facilities. This is a benefit of seeing a plastic surgeon, as Dr Anh has access to surgical facilities that would not host cosmetic surgeons. All surgeries are performed at St. John of God Mount Lawley Hospital.

What is the difference between a cosmetic surgeon and a plastic surgeon?

In Australia, anyone with a basic medical degree is legally allowed to perform cosmetic surgery, despite not being a qualified plastic surgeon. To use the title of Specialist Plastic Surgeon, a doctor must be a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS) and have undergone intensive plastic and reconstructive surgical training. Dr Anh is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon and a leader in her field.

Can I combine surgical procedures?

It is absolutely possible to combine surgical procedures and many patients do so for a “makeover” effect, for example combining a breast and tummy procedure for a mummy makeover. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to this.

Combining procedures will reduce your hospital and anaesthesia fees, as well as save you time, as you will only have one recovery. Despite that, combining procedures does increase the risk of complications, especially in massive weight loss patients who were previously obese.

Dr Anh will discuss with you during your consultation whether or not you can combine procedures – in some patients it is safer to perform combined surgeries at a separate time.

Who cannot receive surgery?

Depending on the procedure, some individuals are not suitable for plastic surgery. This is because you are required to go under general anaesthetic for most plastic surgery, and as the procedures are invasive it’s important that we protect your overall wellbeing and health. Sometimes in order to do this we are required to refuse treatment to patients who suffer from fatal illnesses, have a weakened immune system or are not in the right state of mind to receive surgery.

Dr Anh will go over this during your initial surgical consultation at her Perth location, to ensure there is nothing complicating your treatment.

Do you provide plastic surgery, medispa and wellness treatments for both men and women?

Yes, Dr Anh performs plastic cosmetic procedures on both men and women. Dr Anh does offer some female specific treatments, including MonaLisa Touch and labiaplasty, although all other treatments can be performed on men as well as women.