Erectile Dysfunction

The EMSELLA system offers high intensity electromagnetic therapy to assist in strengthening a weak pelvic floor in men struggling with erectile dysfunction.

“Reduce the symptoms associated with a weak pelvic floor”

It is estimated that erectile dysfunction affects around one million Australian men. A real issue for many men, this condition can severely impact your sex life and lead to a decrease in confidence. Unfortunately, as men progress through life, erectile dysfunction only becomes more likely.

Erectile dysfunction is often the result of a weak pelvic floor or nerve damage. Men who have a weak pelvic floor also commonly experience incontinence and premature ejaculation. Previously, there were limited options available to treat this common issue, however, Emsella is a revolutionary treatment that is changing this.

What is Emsella?

The Emsella chair is one of the most effective ways to combat erectile dysfunction and essentially works as very efficient Kegel exercise for men. Emsella uses electromagnetic pulses to stimulate the pelvic floor with the equivalent of 11,000 Kegel contractions in the course of a 30 minute treatment. This is designed to improve blood flow to the area, helping to prevent incontinence and reverse erectile dysfunction without the need for drugs.

Benefits of Emsella Treatments for Men

  • Boost Self-confidence
  • 30 Minute Treatments
  • Improve Sexual Intercourse