Envisage by Dr Anh

Try before you buy
Dr Anh and her team are proud to introduce Envisage, a revolutionary technology, powered by Crisalix, that allows patients to answer the common question of “how will I look after the procedure?”

after transparent

After 3D Image

before transparent

Before 3D Image

The purpose of Envisage by Dr Anh is to allow patients to see, in real time, the results of surgery, before undergoing a specific surgical procedure. Envisage allows patients to simulate the appearance of aesthetic procedures through the use of a unique 3D web-based solution, simply by uploading an image of the desired surgical area.

Envisage by Dr Anh is included in the price of the consultation, which may vary according to your chosen surgical procedure. Patients will be given the option to utilise Envisage for facebody and breast procedures, where they will be able to simulate the appearance of each area according to their surgical preferences.

Patients will be required to attend an initial patient educator session, where they will be able to specify the area of concern, before having images taken. After the patient educator session, patients will then receive their results during a consultation with Dr Anh. During your consultation with Dr Anh, she will discuss with you the surgical options that are available, before a decision to progress with treatment is made.

During your consultation with Dr Anh, patients will be able to view the 3D images through a VR Headset while in the practice. Patients will also be able to access the images on a computer or mobile device while at home after the initial consultation with Dr Anh, where patients will be able to share them with family and friends, or even on social media.

Patients will receive up to three different outcomes after their consultation with Dr Anh. If you are not pleased with your outcomes, we will continue to work with you until you reach your desired results.