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Otoplasty surgery involves the manipulation of cartilage, which can create a new shape or size for the ears as well as position them closer to the head

Dr Robert Choa

Dr Robert Choa


Dr Rob is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon, who has practiced at a number of the most prestigious hospitals in the UK, including the Westminster Hospital in London and the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre in Oxford. He undertook a coveted aesthetic fellowship at the London Clinic on Harley street, working with and learning from world renowned surgeons, before moving to Perth to begin his work at Dr Anh Plastic Surgery, Medispa & Wellness.

Rob currently has 18 peer reviewed scientific articles and has done numerous national and international presentations on a variety of plastic surgery topics.

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    About the procedure

    Our ears are highly distinctive features and if your ears are misshapen, protruding, uneven in size or particularly large or small in proportion to your head, this can be a cause for embarrassment and lead to a lack of self-confidence.

    Most otoplasty procedures involve the removal or reshaping of cartilage, which can create a new shape or size for ears as well as position them closer to the head, in the case of protruding ears. Dr Rob will carry out ear surgery with the patient comfortably under anaesthetic, with general anaesthesia being particularly suitable for child patients. Depending on your condition following treatment, you may need to stay overnight at the hospital before returning home. Your recovery time and other issues will be discussed in-depth.

    About Dr Anh Plastic Surgery, Medispa and Wellness Clinic

    The team at Dr Anh’s team are highly professional, talented and trained in all aspects of surgical procedures. They pride themselves on world-class service, cutting edge technology and a vision that incorporates advanced treatments with compassion and wellbeing.

    Dr Anh’s dedicated clinics in Crown Metropol are luxurious settings, which offer our discerning clientele a selection of the most sought after treatments to help restore, transform and beautify. Be empowered to uncover the best version of you in a safe, understanding environment where your needs are prioritised.

    Some kind words from our patients

    “I am extremely happy with the results! Very minimal scarring and I have achieved a look I am happy with. They were very thorough, informative and supportive - especially as I was about to go under as I was absolutely petrified, but they calmed me down and reassured me everything would be OK. I've recovered perfectly with no side effects or problems and am back to normal with extra confidence!” ― Toyah

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