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Dr Anh’s dedicated clinic in

the Crown Metropol is a luxurious setting, which offers a selection of the most advanced cosmetic treatments to restore, transform and beautify.

Dr Anh’s clinic is one of the most comprehensive, premier facilities in Australia. Not only with the breadth of services available but also the number of medical, health and beauty professionals under one roof. Dr Anh is joined by a team of elite cosmetic physicians, cosmetic nurses and dermal therapists to welcome her discerning clientele with the ultimate in luxury and exclusivity. Her team pride themselves on world-class service, cutting edge technology and a vision that incorporates advanced treatments with compassion and wellbeing.

A personalised


A consultation with Dr Anh or one of her associates is the first step towards helping you achieve your desired look. They will listen attentively to your individual needs, discuss your goals, treatment options and what to expect. Dr Anh aims to ensure that each of her patients understands the procedure and what they’re considering. This personalised consultation process will allow our team to customise a treatment plan which best suits you.

For more information about our treatments or to arrange a private consultation, please contact us.

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