Brow Makeover Perth WA

Beautify your Brows
Shape your brows and decrease ageing around the eye area.

There is no key feature of a face that frames it better than well shaped, styled and groomed brows. Dr Anh and her team can create beautiful brows for every face at the BrowTox™ Beauty Bar.

Beautiful eyes start with beautiful brows

Combining injectables with the artistry of brow styling, the BrowTox™ Beauty Bar is designed to enhance every face with beautiful eyes and beautiful brows. Also available at the Dr Anh BrowTox™ Beauty Bar are Extreme Lash extensions, the latest in eye make-up and non-surgical eye-lifting techniques.

Treatment and extras that can be included are:

  • Waxing and Plucking
  • Injectables like dermal fillers
  • Cosmetic tattooing
  • Extreme lash extensions
  • Tinting of the brows and eyelashes
  • Eye detox masque
  • Skin tightening with laser treatments
  • Brow styling kit
  • Surgical options such as brow and eye lifts
  • Anti-ageing eye creams
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Why have a Brow Makeover?

Correcting the appearing of your eyebrows can improve the symmetry of your face. Well sculpted eyebrows can frame your eyes nicely and the area around the eyes is usually the first to show age which is why many people choose to combine our treatments for a total brow makeover.

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I’ve overplucked, misshaped and shortened my eyebrows – can you help?

Most people make mistakes when grooming their own brows at home, whether it be making them the wrong shape for their face or overplucking or waxing them. Sometimes the hair on your brows is never the same again, and if this is the case then cosmetic tattooing might be the right solution. We can also arrange for our make-up artist to tell you more about how to style your brows including how to fill in your eyebrows and how to maintain them.

If you have any questions about our Brow Makeover treatment please get in contact.

Brow Makeover

For more information on brow makeover, please contact our friendly team today. If you are ready for a consultation about your desired treatment or procedure please call Dr Anh today on 08 9361 2118