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Improve comfort with a breast reduction
Reducing breast tissue can improve comfort, mobility and posture

“Enlarged breasts can cause stress on the back and neck muscles, resulting in unnecessary discomfort and pain”

If you are suffering from back and neck pain due to large, heavy breasts, Dr Anh and her professional team can help you. Often women who have breasts that are too large for their frame may suffer neck, shoulder and back pain, rashes under their breasts and grooves in their shoulders from bra straps. Furthermore, they may have trouble exercising, have difficulty finding clothing and bras that fit and feel self-conscious about their appearance.

You wake up in the morning ready to start your day, but already you can feel the pain. Sleeping uncomfortably through the night leaves you feeling tired, and as soon as you get up, you can feel the strain on your neck and lower back — and you still have the whole day to get through. Hopefully, you have not already begun to experience the headaches that also frequently occur when women have overly large breasts. The toll of all these factors can be extreme, and you likely don’t have any meaningful way to alleviate the pain except over-the-counter pain meds.

Fortunately, you can correct this situation by having an often straightforward procedure called a breast reduction surgery which can eliminate the causes of these problems and improve your look, too. With a breast reduction by Dr Anh, most women can regain their comfort, their confidence and their life!

If you are suffering from back and neck pain due to large, heavy breasts, Dr Anh Nguyen and her professional team can help you. Often women who have breasts that are too large for their frame may suffer neck, shoulder and back pain, rashes under their breasts and grooves in their shoulders from bra straps. Furthermore, they may have trouble exercising, have difficulty finding clothing and bras that fit and feel self-conscious about their appearance. All of these feelings are completely normal, and the treatment options available to you can help you feel more confident with your body image each and every day!

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What is a Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction surgery (also known as mammoplasty) is designed to reduce the size and weight of the breasts and to reshape and uplift the breasts. During this procedure, any excess fat around the breasts, as well as glandular tissue and skin, is removed to help create a shape and size that’s in better proportion to your figure.

It can be one of the most rewarding procedures for both patient and surgeon, and Dr Anh will explain all of your options to you during your consultation. Additionally, the procedure can help you to alleviate all of the discomfort that comes from having breasts that are too large. The end result is greater peace of mind and satisfaction with your body, an outcome which is priceless.

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Why Should I Consider Breast Reduction?

I have so many problems, and I’m not even sure they’re all related to the size of my breasts. How do I know whether a breast reduction will solve these problems? I don’t want to have a surgery unless I know it’s going to fix the issues I have. I don’t want to spend the time or the money — or take the risk — if I don’t have to. What relief can I expect if I get the surgery?

A breast reduction can help relieve many symptoms caused by breasts which are too large for your frame. These issues include back pain, skin problems, including drooping, and, most importantly, the emotional stress you likely experience on a day-to-day basis because you’re dealing with a lot of pain, self-consciousness and a problem you simply can’t solve on your own. Dr Anh can help, with a breast reduction surgery that you can have in-hospital, safely, and that will provide years of improved comfort and confidence.

Relief from Back Pain

Having larger breasts means that there is a lot more weight on your chest, adding far more strain on your back when bending over and lifting, resulting in back pain. Furthermore many large breasted women worsen their back pain by slouching and having poor posture in an attempt to reduce the appearance of their bust line. Eventually, the back pain can become so bad that it prevents women from comfortably carrying out everyday activities such as working and exercising comfortably. In this instance, you will be extremely well served consulting with an experienced female plastic surgeon like Dr Anh and considering having a breast reduction surgery.

Relief from Skin Problems

There are also several skin problems that are a complication of having larger breasts, most commonly occurring in the area underneath the breasts, which, as a consequence of the breast’s size, becomes very difficult to keep dry.

Yeast infections, heat rash and chafing are common complaints women have. Chafing occurs when the inside of the upper arms continually rubs against the sides of the breasts, or if the bra is ill-fitting and the breasts rub against the fabric and straps. Yeast infections and heat rash are also common skin problems. This occurs because sweat becomes trapped and does not evaporate, causing itching, irritation and skin discolouration. Again, suffering from these skin problems on a daily basis can have a debilitating effect both physically and emotionally, and a breast reduction may provide the relief that women so desperately need.

Relief from Drooping BreastsLarge breasts put more pressure on the surrounding muscles and skin and, in time, they can begin to droop, also. It is possible to improve this sagginess and lessen the likeliness that this problem will recur by having a breast reduction treatment. In some cases, Dr Anh may recommend you receive both the breast reduction and lift treatments in the same surgery to get the best and longest-lasting results.

Greater Peace of Mind

Having a large chest can also make some women feel overly self-conscious as well as making it difficult to find fashionable and comfortable clothes that fit. You might even find it difficult to sleep comfortably at night, leaving you to feel tired and irritable all day. Large breasts can also stop women from partaking in sporting activities and even adversely affect intimacy. After a breast reduction, you can feel comfortable in your own skin again, relax and truly enjoy life!

If you’re still unsure about having a breast reduction procedure, compare your goals with the list below:

  • If you would like to permanently decrease your cup size: The procedure is a long-term one and will provide you with a lasting solution for having an overly large breast size.
  • If you are experiencing pain: Sometimes the size of your breasts can profoundly affect how much pain and discomfort you’re in. Insurance may also cover breast reduction costs if it concerns your health.
  • If you have uneven breasts: It’s very common (and normal) to have one breast that’s larger than the other one.
  • If you’re feeling self-conscious with the lack of symmetry, the treatment will give you a more balanced result.
  • If you generally feel self-conscious: Many women feel uncomfortable with the size of their breasts and find it challenging to wear certain clothes.
  • If you feel like your breasts are heavy: Otherwise known as ‘pendulous breasts’ (which often occur after pregnancy or nursing), you may have nipples that seem to point downwards. In some instances, Dr Anh and the team of surgeons may recommend getting a breast reduction and lift to accommodate for this condition, ultimately elevating your breasts again and reducing their size at the same time.
  • If you commonly get rashes or irritation: Because of the size of your breasts, you may have rashes appearing under your breasts frequently, mostly because of increased sweating and a lack of proper air circulation in the area. The procedure eliminates this issue. As above, it may also be recommended that you undergo a breast reduction and lift at the same time to get the best possible results.
  • If you have trouble doing any physical activity: No matter how many sports bras you wear, you might feel as though you can’t exercise consistently or comfortably, leading to a lack of self-esteem, frustration and even more health problems.

What happens during the procedure?

It’s natural to be nervous on the day of your procedure, but you’ve done your homework — you’ve researched all your options, selected a leading and extremely qualified surgeon in Dr Anh and prepared yourself well prior to your hospital date to ensure you have a safe surgery visit and begin recovery without complications. And you’ve already discussed all the details of your surgery with Dr Anh beforehand. To help you relax even further, here’s what you can expect to happen during your procedure — although, of course, your surgery may vary somewhat since it is not generic and was planned specifically with your needs in mind!

The types of techniques used in the treatment will always vary from patient to patient and the size of the breast that the surgical team is aiming to achieve. However, it’s likely that your treatment will include surgery through carefully placed incisions, and the potential for liposuction to remove any excess fat or skin around the breasts.

During this, Dr Anh will make strategic incisions around the areolas and downwards on each breast. Progressing to remove the excess tissue in the area, Dr Anh will then reduce the size of each breast by eliminating unnecessary fat and skin. As the surgery is performed, the breasts are also reshaped and the areola and nipples will be repositioned to restore their original position, youthfulness and attractiveness.

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What should I expect afterwards?

You’ve made it! Your procedure is over and you’re headed home for recovery. You’ve already prepared your home with everything you’ll need so you can focus on rest and healing, and you even have some help waiting there for you, too, to make it even easier and more successful. Dr Anh has walked you through each stage of recovery, so you feel confident as you leave the clinic — already well on your way to a body without daily discomfort or self-consciousness — that you’ve made the right decision. This is the beginning of a whole new life!

Immediately after your breast reduction surgery, your breasts may feel sensitive and tender. This is completely normal. They’ll be dressed in gauze and bandages. Occasionally or very rarely, a tube may be placed under each of your arms to drain any extra fluids and blood. Following your procedure, you’ll be prescribed with pain management medication and antibiotics to keep infections away and discomfort under control.

In the first few days after your treatment, you should expect to feel a little uncomfortable. Your breasts will still be quite swollen and bruised. Additionally, Dr Anh may recommend a special elastic compression bra to help protect the area.

Remember that results will be visible immediately, but it can take a couple of months for all the swelling to subside and for the scars to fade. While the end result is permanent, breast size and shape can change due to a number of circumstances, so it’s important to keep this in mind and maintain your overall health, weight and active lifestyle to protect your results.

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“The money you save on a cheaper breast lift procedure is at risk of being spent tenfold.

We repair a lot of botched jobs

Some breast surgery patients have opted for cheap procedures overseas. Unhappy with the results, they come in to have their botched boob jobs repaired. There can be many health risks of having cosmetic surgery abroad.

The medical risks

Many countries’ medical regulations aren’t as strict as Australia’s. These regulations exist to keep you safe and healthy. Having a breast enlargement in a less sterile environment increases the risk of infection. Even scarier, your surgeon may not have trained to perform the surgery. You can end up with results far from what you had envisioned. We have all heard the horror stories of things going wrong with cosmetic surgery tourism:

  • People losing their nipples
  • Terrible infections
  • Allergic reactions to cheap products
  • Even death
While you may save now, but you’ll pay later

If that’s not enough to deter you, consider that you could end up spending way more money. The money you save on a cheaper breast lift procedure is at risk of being spent tenfold. It’s expensive dealing with medical complications of an incorrectly done surgery. Therefore it’s also expensive to repair botched results. Combined, these can lead to higher costs than paying for a high quality procedure in the first place.

It’s just not worth it

Does the cost of breast lift with Dr Anh seems out of reach? If so, we encourage you to consider finance options. Another options is to save up a bit longer. It’s worth it in order to afford good quality surgical care. In the end you’ll be glad you did. Don’t gamble with your health.