Breast Implant Replacement Perth WA

Remove and replace your breast implants with Dr Anh.

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“Is it time to replace your breast implants?”

Whether you’re experiencing implant complications, aesthetic concerns or have just had your implants for some time, breast implant replacement may be a suitable treatment for you.

Patients see Dr Anh to have their implants replaced for a number of reasons. Some women require implant removal due to complications, such as rupture, shifting or capsular contracture, and choose to replace them with new ones. Other women find that their implants are no longer the right size for them after experiencing pregnancy or changes in weight. In some cases, women have been disappointed by surgery performed abroad or by a different surgeon, and wish for a Specialist Plastic Surgeon to review and revise their implants.

Whatever the reason, if you are dissatisfied or experiencing any problems with your breast implants, you may be a candidate for replacement.

What is a breast implant replacement?

Breast implant replacement is a surgical procedure designed to remove and then replace breast implants in order to correct unsatisfactory results or complications that have occurred after breast augmentation surgery.

When do breast implants need to be replaced?

Breast implants, while durable, are not designed to be life devices and will need to be revised, removed or replaced at some stage. Despite this, there is no exact time frame for replacing implants, as this varies from patient to patient.

While you typically should consider exchanging your implants at the 9-10 year mark, only 20% of women who undergo augmentation actually have their breast implants replaced within ten years. In fact, the average lifespan of breast implants is around 20 years.

Despite that, the longer your implants have been in place, the higher the risk of complications. For this reason, Dr Anh suggests undergoing an annual clinical examination of your implants.

What happens during the procedure

Breast implant replacement surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and takes around an hour to complete. Once you have been sedated, Dr Anh will make an incision, ideally at the same site as your initial augmentation if it is possible to do so. This allows her to remove your original implants and replace them with new ones of your choice. She will then close your incisions with sutures.

If, however, your implants are being removed due to capsular contracture, Dr Anh will use a technique known as en bloc capsulectomy to remove both the implant and surrounding tissue simultaneously.