Breast Implant Removal (En Bloc) Perth WA

Breast implant removal, model photo 02

“Do you wish to remove your breast implants, whether for aesthetic reasons or medical concerns?”

Dr Anh offers En Bloc Capsulectomy to patients wishing to remove their implants.

In light of recent developments regarding breast implant illness, Dr Anh has seen an increase in the number of women requesting to have their implants removed. Regardless, breast implants are not designed to be life devices and will need to be revised, removed or replaced at some stage. In fact, the longer breast implants have been in place, the higher the risk of complications such as leaking, rupture, capsular contracture, and Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma.

When you first received your breast implants, your body would have reacted by forming a capsule of scar tissue around the implant. Part of the healing process, this is designed to divide the implants from your flesh. However, in rare cases, your capsule may thicken, tighten, contract or calcify. This is known as capsular contracture and is characterised by the feeling of hardened implants, pain and a distorted appearance.

Other women may experience a number of symptoms that have been subjectively associated with breast implants, such as general fatigue, weight fluctuations, joint pain, malaise and fever. This is referred to as breast implant illness. While there is no scientific evidence confirming that breast implants are the cause of such symptoms, many women report that they feel better once their implants have been removed.

No matter the reason that you are choosing to have your implants removed, Dr Anh offers a procedure called en bloc capsulectomy to remove breast implants.

What is an en bloc breast implant removal?

En bloc capsulectomy is a technique used by Dr Anh wherein the breast implant and the surrounding scar tissue (the capsule) is removed in one piece. Removing both the implant and capsule together is thought to reduce the risk of contamination that can lead to ongoing complications.

Why should I remove my implants via an en bloc capsulectomy?

When your implants are removed via an en bloc capsulectomy, you can be assured that any silicone or bio film is thoroughly removed. Removing the capsule also allows the body to heal faster.

Further, if you are planning on replacing your implants, your new implants will require contact with normal tissue, as opposed to old, hardened scar tissue when they are inserted.

What happens during the procedure

En bloc removal is performed under general anaesthesia and takes between two to four hours to complete. Once you have been sedated, Dr Anh will make an incision, likely in the natural crease below the breast. Through these incisions, the breast implant and capsule are removed completely. Dr Anh will then close your incisions with sutures and insert surgical drains to remove excess fluid and prevent any further capsule from developing.

Why should I see Dr Anh to remove my implants?

An en bloc capsulectomy is a far more complicated surgery than the initial breast augmentation. For this reason, it is critical that you choose a surgeon who is both experienced in en bloc capsulectomy and has a thorough understanding of implants. Dr Anh has extensive experience in removing breast implants and is a leader in her field.