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Breast Implant Check by Dr Anh

Breast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed procedures in Australia. Not all women, however, have undergone breast treatments by surgeons who are trained in managing complications or performing revisions. Many Australian women have also had their augmentations performed overseas and do not receive adequate follow up or even have somewhere to go to for follow up checks. Even when breast augmentation is performed by an experienced specialist plastic surgeon, breast implants are not meant to be lifelong devices. The longer an implant has been placed, the higher the risk of complications developing. All breast implants will need to be removed or replaced at some point in the future, preferably before any complications occur.

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There is no consensus on the ideal time to have breast implants checked, but for your safety and continued well-being, we recommend all women with implants do the following:

  • Perform a monthly breast self-examination
  • Undergo an annual clinical examination
  • Have clinical imaging of their implants performed every 2 to 3 years

Dr Anh invites all women with implants to her clinic, regardless of whether or not they have been treated by Dr Anh before. This clinic is an open and friendly space, specialising in the meticulous and thorough treatment of conditions that may have arisen as a result of poor implant health. Dr Anh and her team of skilled, experienced specialists aim to clarify and resolve any issues that may be troubling you or inhibiting your peace of mind. As a respected member of the Australian Breast Device Registry, Dr Anh encourages you to take control of your health and reclaim your wellbeing. Her work strives to empower you; to help you live confidently, comfortable and carefree.

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Breast Implant Checks

When receiving breast implants, it is crucial to understand that while implants are safe and durable devices, they will eventually become worn and may need replacing. After breast augmentation surgery, regular visits are highly recommended to ensure the health of your implants are maintained and to prevent or identify any risks or complications that may form.

Dr Anh welcomes anyone who has any concerns at all about the state of their implants, from those seeking regular and thorough check-ups for their own peace of mind, to those whose surgery has been mismanaged. Our brand new Breast Implant Care Clinic offers a thorough clinical assessment for just $100, which will involve a clinical assessment of your medical history and a detailed examination of your breasts. This cost may increase if a mammogram, ultrasound or MRI is requested when clinically necessary.

Breast Implan Risks & Complications

Breast augmentation is an excellent tool for those seeking to improve on the volume and shape of their breast area. While implants can empower your confidence and enrich your appearance, it is essential to protect and preserve the area to prevent the development of illnesses or conditions associated with poor implant health.

Many women who undergo cosmetic surgery overseas, for instance, may be unhappy with their results and seek to repair implants that have been mishandled or inserted poorly. This is often the result of inadequate medical regulations that do not properly consider the health and welfare of patients, such as performing the procedure in an unsterile environment or being treated by an inexperienced or untrained surgeon. The outcome may be significantly different to what you had envisioned, and may result in harmful health conditions or critical effects such as pain, rippling, scarring or breast lumps. Other complications that can be detected from a breast implant check include, but are not limited to:

Capsular Contracture

As one of the most common complications associated with implants, capsular contracture occurs when the body reacts to the foreign substance by forming scar tissue around the implant. This may cause the implant to harden or fix into place, restraining its natural movement and generating a disfigured, unnatural contour. Capsular contracture can be quite painful and uncomfortable, and should be addressed at the earliest sign of complication.

Ruptured Breast Implants

In some cases, a change of shape or reduction in size may indicate a ruptured implant. The rupture of a saline implant is often noticeable very quickly, but if a silicone implant ruptures, the effect may be slow and difficult to distinguish, which is why routine check-ups are strongly recommended. Ruptures can either be contained within the breast capsule (intracapsular) or can be more dangerous, where the leakage seeps past the capsule and into the breast tissue and body (extracapsular), leading to further health risks.