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Empowering Women Across Australia

Read the latest about MonaLisa Touch from Dr Anh.

The MonaLisa touch: empowering women across Australia

The first intravaginal laser treatment has touched down in Australia changing the lives of millions of women in ways they never thought possible.

Dr Anh Nguyen, a female plastic surgeon at the forefront of her profession, was the first to bring the MonaLisa Touch to Western Australia and in less than a year has seen her number of clientele increase dramatically.

Dr Anh’s Medispa and Wellness Centre located in Crown Metropol sees more than two hundred women each month enquire about the therapy and subsequently book in for treatment.

Touching the lives of women all over the world the MonaLisa Touch stimulates collagen production inside the vagina, restoring the vaginal walls to what some clients say to be the virginal condition.

“We want to empower women with knowledge, choice, and alternatives.” Dr Anh Nguyen

The MonaLisa Touch, known technically as V2LR (Vulvo-vaginal Laser Reshaping), is a safe, virtually painless, and affordable non-surgical, laser procedure for vaginal tightening and vaginal atrophy.

Commonly brought on by menopause, vaginal atrophy is the thinning and drying out of vaginal walls and affects 40% of menopausal and non-menopausal women each year.

Despite the high statistic and life-altering effects that eventuate, including pain during intercourse and interference with urinary function, many women suffer in silence and only a minority seek medical advice.

The MonaLisa Touch is changing this and treating only those women suffering menopausal symptoms but also assisting with difficulties felt at different stages of a woman’s life like postpartum and the painful effects associated with treatments such as chemotherapy.

Previously, hormone therapy was the only option for treating vaginal atrophy which meant those women who had a history of stroke, heart disease or breast cancer could experience little to no relief. MonaLisa Touch offers a solution for these women by targeting the vaginal atrophy itself rather than altering hormone levels.

Dr Anh and MonaLisa Touch

Dr Anh Nguyen provides world-class cosmetic procedures, including the MonaLisa Touch (V2LR), to enhance the female form. Dr Anh Nguyen, along with her compassionate team, upholds a strong commitment to best practice techniques, sensitivity and care towards each and every patient to provide the highest standards of vulvovaginal rejuvenation and personalised care.

The treatment does not require anaesthesia, leaves no scarring and the side effects are minimal lasting no more than two days.

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