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What Are The Different Mummy Makeover Packages?

As a woman, diving into the first stages of motherhood is an exciting, yet sometimes overwhelming, experience. Your world has just changed significantly; your lifestyle has shifted, your sleep patterns have probably seen better days, and you’re getting used to being on-call for the new addition to the family. It’s also likely that you feel a significant aesthetic difference towards your body; maybe it doesn’t look exactly how it did pre-baby, and you’re finding yourself longing for it back, and perhaps feel insecure or less feminine as a result.

These feelings are healthy, and as a new mum, it’s prevalent to experience emotions towards how much your body has changed. Childbirth places serious amounts of stress and demand on the female figure, and going through the journey of pregnancy, childbirth and then motherhood means that’s it will differ from how you remember it to be.

As you look in the mirror, you may notice areas that have altered in shape, size or form. From your breasts to your tummy, legs and more – the entire body has transformed to help you introduce your little one into the world. It’s also likely that you’re someone that has gone through rigorous diet regimens and kept up with exercise but finding that the weight is still not shifting after giving birth.

Firstly, it’s important to note that feeling empowered as a mum and as a female doesn’t mean removing the look that you ever had a baby at all. It means giving you the comfort and confidence to love the body you’re in and feel at ease when you look in the mirror. If your pre-baby body gave you that sense of self-esteem, getting it back doesn’t have to be such a challenge.

Designed to help new mums achieve their aesthetic goals, mummy makeovers provide an end-to-end solution for a full body transformation.

What’s included in a mummy makeover?

After going through nine months of pregnancy and several more months of breastfeeding (if you are nursing), it’s common for new mums to see their body go through immense change. For many months now, you’ve watched your figure evolve, shift and adapt to the demands of motherhood. Suddenly, you’re not feeling like the woman you used to know.

Mummy makeovers are designed to address, and plastic surgeons will combine several procedures to deliver an ‘all-round’ solution. This means many several surgeries are united to produce a final pre-baby body result. During this process, several areas of the body will be operated on, to help you feel confident with how you look like a new mum.

This may include:

Treating sagging with a breast lift

Pregnancy and childbirth mean breastfeeding may be on the cards for you as a new mum. As this can cause significant changes in size for the breasts, you may feel they are no longer as perky as you once remember them to be. The changes in the skin around the breasts, as well the volume, mean area stretches and begins to sag. Unfortunately, exercise doesn’t help to tighten up these areas or restore any volume that you lost during nursing. During a mummy makeover, a breast lift can be included to give the breasts more definition, shape and a more ‘youthful’ aesthetic. We’re here to show you that there is a solution to the drooping you may have experienced throughout your pregnancy journey.

Amending breast size through augmentation or reduction

After breastfeeding, it’s common for the size of the breasts to reduce, due to weight loss. As nursing burns extreme amounts of calories, it can leave the area looking a little deflated. If you’d like a fuller look to your breasts after you’ve finished breastfeeding, a breast augmentation may be the most suitable option. During this part of the procedure, Dr Anh Nguyen or a fellow surgeon will restore your chest to be at the volume you had pre-pregnancy.

At the other end of the spectrum, you may feel uncomfortable with the enlargement of your breasts after childbirth and nursing. For some women, discomfort can be a part of the equation, meaning you may be seeking a way to achieve a smaller cup size. A breast reduction removes any excess fat around this area, as well as glandular tissue, transforming the area to look more in proportion to the rest of your body.

Tightening the abdomen with a tummy tuck

During pregnancy, the entire body stretches to elongate the vertical muscles around the abdominal wall and the skin on top of it. When the muscles have loosened, stretch marks often appear, causing a sag in the lower stomach that can’t be eliminated through exercise and diet alone.

You may find yourself standing in front of a mirror, longing for that pre-baby body back and feeling overwhelmed at not knowing where to start. Tummy tuck procedures help new mums get their tight, pre-pregnancy abdomen back by fine-tuning these loose muscles and removing excess skin.

Using liposuction to remove excess fat

Depending on your consultation with Dr Anh Nguyen and the surgeons, it may be recommended to you that liposuction is included in your mummy makeover. Just as exercise can’t always help you shift stubborn fat leftover from pregnancy, you might be experiencing a loss of self-confidence and comfort in your own skin – this is completely normal.

As this process helps to remove excess fat in several areas of the body (including the abs, thighs, arms chin, knees, flanks and neck), it can to return the body to the look and feel you once had. The procedure is designed to redefine and recontour the body, granting you the ability to feel more feminine, confident and to get that one step closer to the goal weight you had in mind after giving birth.

Undertake vaginal and labial rejuvenation Childbirth places a huge demand on the female body, especially in the vaginal area, where it significantly stretched and enlarged during this period. After you have given birth, it’s likely (and normal) for you to feel as if you have lost confidence and comfort with the way you look and feel ‘down there’.

Using labiaplasty, Dr Anh Nguyen will decrease the size of the labia – otherwise known as the lips and skin around your vagina – enabling it to be a more appropriate size for your goals and comfort. Additionally, she may recommend a laser procedure called Mona Lisa Touch to improve vulvovaginal health, vulvovaginal atrophy and issues relating to laxity. This will allow you to feel rejuvenated, rather than feeling like you have to continue suffering in silence.

Revitalising skin issues with high-quality treatments

Many mums also experience significant skin pigmentation during pregnancy and after childbirth. Otherwise known as melasma, patches of brown or grey may appear on the face and other parts of the body. Because of its challenging nature to hide it with makeup, it can cause severe confidence issues in many women.

Using Dr Anh Nguyen’s signature skin treatments, lasers, peels, medical-grade cosmeceutical products, the team will help lighten and brighten the area to decrease any hormonal pigmentation. Dr Anh Nguyen aims to let you feel comfortable and confident in your skin and get you back to feeling happier with your life as a mum a partner.

How to know if it’s right for you

A common misconception about mummy makeovers is that they’re only for new mums. One of the biggest advantages to this procedure is that both new and old mums can use this holistic surgical technique to get their pre-baby body back, no matter how long ago it was that they gave birth.

It’s also common for you to feel guilty about investing in yourself, and while it’s completely normal, we recommend you give back to yourself. As a mum, partner (and maybe even a boss), you’re doing a lot of hard work on a day-to-day basis. Your body has been through a lot, and it’s more than okay to give yourself a little bit of care and love especially when it needs it the most.

However, to understand if a mummy makeover is the right choice for you, it’s necessary to have a consultation with our surgeons to understand your current health status and any conditions you may have.

If you’re not sure if the procedure is right for you, compare yourself to the following criteria:

  • You have worked hard at trying to lose weight and seen minimal results;
  • You’re not planning to have any more children;
  • You gave birth at least six months ago;
  • You stopped nursing/breastfeeding at least six months ago;

Additionally, if you underwent a C-section during your labour, you may have experienced significant scarring as a result. Mummy makeovers are exceptionally effective in reducing the visibility of these challenges, helping you to eliminate feeling self-conscious because of it.

If you’d like to find out more about the mummy makeover procedure at Dr Anh Plastic Surgery, Medispa and Wellness, get in touch by calling 1300 8DRANH or filling out our online contact form!