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How Much Do Dermal Fillers Cost?

Are dermal fillers the best bargain in cosmetic treatments? The answer depends on a number of factors. Overall, dermal fillers provide an effective — and cost-effective — alternative to surgery and have many benefits that other cosmetic treatments do not, making them a desirable option for many individuals, especially those seeking treatments for early, mild to moderate aging symptoms. They are versatile, convenient and safe and, in the right hands, produce outstanding results.

However, dermal fillers, unlike surgery, will require regular touch-up treatments after your initial visit which can add costs over the long-term. Yet there is even a more important cost to consider. Because dermal fillers are so widely available, patients have many providers to choose from with different credentials and experience levels. While dermal fillers offer convenience, you should not assume that every provider will provide you with the same, satisfying result. Let’s first look at whether an injectable treatment is right for you.

Why should I consider dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers offer patients decided cost savings over other treatments because they can improve specific symptoms and areas of concern. This allows clients to avoid more costly procedures, such as surgery, but continue to enjoy the benefits of facial rejuvenation. Also, dermal fillers, depending on which you choose, may last from a couple of months to over a year or more, giving you substantial control over how long you want your results to last compared to other treatments. This also helps patients control their costs because they can decide how many touch-ups they are willing to have and how often.

Injectables are also highly versatile. You can have only a small amount of a filler if you have very subtle signs of aging or more if you want a more dramatic result. This also gives you more control over the costs of your treatment. You not only have a say in the quantity of the filler you have but also the quality and consistency of the filler. For example, you can select a fine filler to enhance the lips or a more substantial filler to treat deeper lines. Each type of filler will have a cost structure of its own. These unique benefits and lower overall prices compared to alternatives make them a compelling option.

Am I a good candidate for procedure?

Dermal fillers won’t save you money if you need more rejuvenation than they can provide. Dermal fillers are most effective for clients with early, mild or moderate signs of facial aging which they wish to combat. Aging symptoms which can be improved through dermal fillers include:

  • Dynamic wrinkles — such as “eleven lines,” the vertical, parallel lines between the eyebrows, “crow’s feet,” the lines around the outside of the eye, and horizontal lines across the forward — which are caused by facial expressions.
  • Loss of facial fat — this natural result of aging leads to a loss of volume, producing hollows in the cheeks, bags under the eyes, thinner lips and temples and drooping facial skin which all contribute to an aged facial appearance.

If you have any of these aging signs, you can reap dermal fillers’ many benefits which include their customisability, convenience and, of course, safety. Fillers, however, cannot replace a facelift if you have more severe ageing signs.

Should I select the lowest cost provider to have my fillers?

Having a high-quality filler in the right amount will not guarantee that you will receive the results you expect if it is not administered correctly. It is a key understanding of the area being treated, your facial anatomy, knowledge of your individual goals, a studied technique and the experience that comes with having performed the procedure many times successfully that will determine the quality of your results. Surgeons who provide outstanding results will always be fewer.

An excellent result requires more than experience, however; it depends in large part on having an injector who has an aesthetic eye — a true appreciation for proportions, balance and beauty — as well as skill and talent, the ability to deliver consistent results effortlessly with minimal pain, discomfort and bruising. Think of it this way — a painter without training will not produce a work of art even with the finest materials, nor will a well-trained painter with inferior ones; and neither one will succeed without innate talent!

Excellent results come not only from selecting fillers of the highest quality but also from the eye, experience and ability your provider has. Further, a good result is only good if it’s what you want, which is why a good surgeon will spend so much time in pre-treatment counseling, as Dr Anh does. If you select a lower-cost provider, you are more like to experience compromises in either the quality of the injectable, the experience of the injector or the time they allot to you.

Of course, you can obtain a good outcome from a reasonably priced provider. Low costs do not automatically indicate bad quality; however, the most qualified providers with the most experience will almost always command higher fees because demand for them is so high. This is a very strong indicator of who will provide you with the results you expect and deserve. Similarly, a higher fee should never substitute for before-and-after photos and other evidence of their capabilities.

Additionally, while the risks associated with dermal fillers are very low, a more well-trained and experienced provider is likely on the whole to reduce any potential complications even further. Patients, as a result, will not have to visit their surgeon again to redress issues or repeat their procedures. While the most important factor is patient safety, having a successful treatment the first time also means they will only have to pay for a single office visit and not multiple sessions.

Dermal fillers provide tremendous advantages with very reasonable fees

Even if you desire to have more fillers during your treatment and select the best possible provider to perform your procedure, most patients will still enjoy substantial cost savings — even with follow-ups — compared to invasive rejuvenation options. The primary reason to consider dermal fillers, however, is their suitability to your particular concerns.

A knowledgable and experienced Specialist Plastic Surgeon, like Dr Anh Nguyen, will be best equipped to guide you through the selection process based on your unique anatomy and goals and deliver the results you expect the first time safely. Further, under Dr Anh’s expert guidance, you can create a long-term facial rejuvenation plan that tailors future treatments to your changing needs so you can continue to look refreshed and avoid surgery.


Perth-area residents are fortunate to have Dr Anh Nguyen available to provide personal care, long-term guidance and sound techniques to bring their cosmetic goals to life. Dr Anh brings compassion and a considered aesthetic eye to the benefit of all her patients. To begin your consultation process, call Dr Anh and our team on 1300 8DRANH and schedule your appointment now.