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Your Tummy Tuck Journey including a Tummy Tuck Video by Dr Anh

Find out about tummy tucks from Dr Anh – a caring female plastic surgeon in Perth who helps many women and men gain the figure they want.

Dr Anh has been performing abdominoplasty procedures (tummy tucks) for years and continues to ensure her patients are happy with their results. Dr Anh is happy to customise this procedure to your preferences, gender and the journey that you have been through.

View Dr Anh in her tummy tuck video:

Your journey towards your decision for plastic surgery is just as important as the technical requirements. Some people will have come across tummy tucks because they are posted pregnancy and some will be interested because they are a post-weight loss. Both of these journeys are legitimate and require a slightly different treatment plan, although they generally will be striving for the same result.

Tummy tuck goals for women post pregnancy

The treatment plan for women and men will be different, as will a tummy tuck for post weight loss and post pregnancy individuals.

When it comes to tummy tucks for postnatal patients, there are generally different goals in mind including correcting the abdominal muscles and removing any excess tissue. A slender and defined waist is also usually a priority as in the image below.

Of course, this exact look is not achievable for everyone, however, Dr Anh will use her experience and training to remove excess skin and add liposculpture to shape the waistline and improve unwanted muffin tops and tighten the abdominal wall muscles that are lax after pregnancy.

A tummy tuck goals post-weight loss for men and women

The main concern for people who have undergone significant weight loss is dropping excess skin which can conceal all of their hard work. Removing this skin and reshaping the body can help you become more mobile as the baggy skin will not get in the way of your exercise regime. Some patients also feel more motivated to further their goals after receiving a tummy tuck as they can see what they have worked so hard for.

Post-weight loss patients are also often concerned about what happens if you lose weight after receiving a tummy tuck. As long as you are close to your goal weight before surgery then you should not require a revision tummy tuck. If you lose 10-20 pounds (4-9kg) after surgery your stomach skin should shrink with your weight loss, however if you plan to lose more than 10kg then there is a possibility that you will have some excess skin again – although this will depend on your age, body habits, height, natural skin tone and elasticity and whether or not you have had children.

The goal for a taut and slender abdomen is completely possible after weight loss and after pregnancy. Contact Dr Anh for an in-depth tummy tuck consultation in Perth.

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