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Back to School, Back to You

You did it! You made it through the summer. You’ve earned these congratulations because summer, for most mums, is not a vacation. On top of everything you already do for your family, you now have childcare on top of it all to boot! You love your kids, but finding activities that please all ages — and that keep sibling drama to a minimum — can take up all the energy you have.

The combination of your usual routine and now being a full-time “entertainment specialist” for your kids can be truly exhausting. But now your kids are back in school, and you can begin to take care of yourself again — even pamper yourself. If you don’t do it now, when will you do it?

Dr Anh Nguyen offers multiple ways for you to take care of yourself, and for all you do for your family during the summer — and all the time! — you deserve it. In fact, you have nearly endless ways to give yourself a little love and attention now that you have more time, and Dr Anh can help you select the treatment or treatments that can give you just what you need to get up every morning with that extra vitality that comes from looking your best.

From a treatment as simple as a chemical peel to one as complex as a mummy makeover, you can improve many nagging body issues without having to rush your procedure or recovery, and many problems can be treated quickly and comfortably. Whatever your needs, you can have a treatment that can help you reach your goals in the time you have.

If you want a quick boost … Skin pigmentation issues can plague women of all ages, especially mums, since skin conditions like melasma often occur after childbirth. Acne, too, can continue to plague women throughout their lives, not just during adolescence. Other issues, like fine lines, wrinkles and skin laxity also come, inevitably, with age-related loss of collagen or elastin. However, you have many procedures to choose from to bring your skin back to life, and many treatments require only a short office visit and a few days of recovery time at most.

Chemical peels, for example, come in all strengths to address the most minute to the most severe concerns. Laser treatments offer another convenient way to achieve brighter more even skin that glows all the time. For maximum convenience, Dr Anh’s new skincare line allows you to give your skin the deep nourishment it needs each day with easy morning and nighttime applications, so you always look your best.

If you have a little more time …

Surgeries like breast augmentation, a breast lift or reduction and labiaplasty frequently take less than a couple of hours to perform but can provide years of rejuvenation along with life-changing results. There is simply no better time to have your recovery than after your kids are back in school because you will have at least a few hours every day to focus on yourself without the extra efforts your little ones require.

Recovery from breast procedures will limit your activity most for the first week or so, with support from loved ones strongly recommended during the first couple of days. While you’ll need to continue to avoid any heavy lifting for the first few weeks, you can resume most activities within one to two weeks. Recovery from a labiaplasty also requires the most care during the first couple of days, but women often return to work and social activities in under a week.

If you want the most rejuvenation …

However, if you’ve decided on surgery and are done with your pregnancies, it may make the most sense for you to have multiple surgeries at once, so you spend less time in surgery and have a single recovery. This suite of procedures is commonly known as a mummy makeover and gives you the most rejuvenation possible. Since a mummy makeover may consist of breast augmentation, lift or reduction along with liposuction and a tummy tuck — and a tummy tuck may have a long or short incision depending on your needs and goals — your recovery time may vary significantly.

Also, a mummy makeover will require the most time at home with minimal activities, but it can provide the most results rapidly and literally provide years of rejuvenation if you stay healthy and active afterward. Even if you have a full mummy makeover, within a month, you are likely to be able to return to life as usual. You may not have a better time all year long to have a mummy makeover than once you have your days to yourself again, and a peaceful recovery where you can get the rest you need to heal well can make a huge difference on your final results!

Look and feel like the mum you were meant to be with procedures that pamper at Dr Anh’s!

As a mum, your family means everything to you, and there isn’t anything you wouldn’t do for them. However, isn’t it time you gave yourself the same treatment? It’s hard — often there simply isn’t the time. Children are a full-time job and then some. That’s why you have to take advantage of the time you have when it comes, and back to school is that time, and it comes but once per year. Depending on your concerns and ideal look, it can be more than enough time to get your fresh and vital look back.

A great new look, however, starts with an in-depth consultation with a knowledgable and experienced Specialist Plastic Surgeon, like Dr Anh Nguyen who can guide you through all your options, helping you select the ones that will provide the most benefits while still allowing you to recover successfully, and yes, manage all the other responsibilities in your life, too. Lastly, of course, you want a surgeon who can deliver on the promises made to you during your consultation, giving you the results you expect safely.

Perth-area residents have such a surgeon in Dr Anh Nguyen. Dr Anh routinely provides personalized care complimented with leading techniques performed in accordance with the highest professional standards. These qualifications allow her to bring her client’s cosmetic goals to life and make her the surgeon of choice in Perth. Begin your consultation process with Dr. Anh now by calling on 1300 8DRANH and scheduling your appointment today.