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Uncovering the Most Common Mummy Makeover Myths

Pregnancy is a major milestone in a woman’s life and one of the best experiences. Unfortunately, it does have a few long-term effects on your body.

Women will see a number of physical changes throughout their pregnancy, with the most prominent changes being noticeable after birth. The good news is that many of these changes can revert on their own. However, there are also changes that are permanent.

Enter the mummy makeover.

The Mummy Makeover Explained

Weight gain, loose and stretched skin and sagging breasts are just a few of the most common effects of pregnancy. These are also the effects that are addressed during a mummy makeover.

A mummy makeover is a surgery that can be tailored to your specific requirements. Some of the procedures that can be included are a tummy tuck, breast augmentation and lift, liposuction and a thigh lift.

The surgeries that you choose to include will depend on how your body reacts to the pregnancy.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most common myths.

Busting the Most Common Mummy Makeover Myths

As with most other surgical procedures, there are a lot of myths out there. Let’s look at some of the most common mummy makeover myths.

  • You can swap diet and exercise for a mummy makeover

If only it was that easy. Even if you undergo a mummy makeover, you will still need to lead a healthy lifestyle if you want to maintain your results. Leading a healthy lifestyle has other benefits too, including keeping health concerns such as high blood pressure and diabetes at bay.

  • You should include all procedures in your makeover

There is absolutely no rule that dictates you need to include all possible procedures in your mummy makeover. You only need to choose the procedures that would benefit you. If you are perfectly happy with your breasts after pregnancy, no need to include augmentation or a lift. Do your arms and thighs still look good? No need to include an arm or thigh lift.

  • Mummy makeovers are better suited to new mothers

Whether this is your first child or your third, you can still benefit from a mummy makeover. This is mainly because a mummy makeover consists of so many different procedures. The fact that it can be customised is what makes it so suitable for so many different women. There is also no age limit. Remember, older women also undergo many of these procedures, so age doesn’t need to be a concern if you’re considering a mummy makeover.

  • The scarring will be severe

Scarring is an inevitable part of any surgical procedure. However, when you choose the right surgeon, techniques can be used to keep scarring to a minimum. Scarring is a word that deters many women from undergoing surgery but this concern is unnecessary. Surgeons will usually place incisions in areas that can be concealed in the natural folds of the skin or underneath clothing. Applying the right scar management techniques after surgery will also go a long way in keeping scarring to a minimum. For one, not exposing your fresh scars to direct sunlight keeps them light.

  • Recovery is particularly painful

Recovery is a requirement for any type of surgical procedure but a mummy makeover recovery isn’t necessarily more painful than any other standalone procedure. Your surgeon will provide you with specific aftercare instructions that will result in a smoother recovery. There are also tools such as compression garments that minimise swelling and discomfort.

  • Mummy makeovers are expensive

You are your most valuable asset and being a mother makes your value that much greater. When compared to other major purchases such as a car, home, holiday or new kitchen, investing in a mummy makeover is relatively inexpensive. What’s more, you deserve it. There should be no price tag on your happiness and confidence.

If you have any other concerns or rumours that you would like to clear up, schedule a consultation with a qualified and reputable surgeon.