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Stop Putting Up with Painful Sex

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A number of Australian women are suffering from a condition most are too embarrassed to discuss, regain your self-confidence with the MonaLisa Touch. Many Australian women are suffering from painful intercourse (dyspareunia), which makes it difficult or in some cases impossible to take part in a satisfying sex life. One reason numbers of women are […]

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Empowering Women Across Australia

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Read the latest about MonaLisa Touch from Dr Anh. The MonaLisa touch: empowering women across Australia The first intravaginal laser treatment has touched down in Australia changing the lives of millions of women in ways they never thought possible. Dr Anh Nguyen, a female plastic surgeon at the forefront of her profession, was the first […]

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1 in 5 Women Would Have a Genital Makeover if They Could

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According to a recent survey (*Sharp, G., Mattiske, J., Tiggeman, M. Sep 11, 2014) performed at Flinders University in Australia, it was found that one in five women would opt for the ‘designer vagina’ which usually refers to labiaplasty The designer vagina has become a popular treatment, although you may not hear about it from your friends […]

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