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Why ‘Free Breast Implant Sites’ Are Wrong for You

Before you think about joining one of these websites it’s important to know all of the facts, and most importantly any catches

We have all heard the phrase if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. This applies to free breast implant sites which advertise “obligation free breast implants” for females who do not feel comfortable with their current breast size or shape. While this may sound like a wonderful opportunity to save some money there are sacrifices you will have to make despite what any advertising tells you. Today Dr Anh is going to help you become aware of these problems and help you choose the best breast implant option for you.

Are free breast implant sites really free?

By applying to one of these sites you are doing 3 things to your mind and your body. You will be:

  • Uploading private photos of yourself that could be used anywhere on the internet
  • Allowing strangers to tell you how you should look such as letting a stranger tell you: ‘You “need” to be 34B in order to seem attractive’
  • Agreeing to paid-for chats and webcam sessions in order to pay for your breast implants

So really what you will be doing is simply be paying for your breast implants with a different currency. You will be spending time with strangers in order to convince them to contribute to your breast implant surgery.

In order to give you some perspective here is how ‘free breast implants’ contrast with the treatment you would receive at a professional plastic surgery.

Free Breast Implant WebsiteProfessional Plastic Surgeon
Strangers telling you what breast size you should beA qualified doctor advising you on the recommended breast size based on their training and experience
Earn money by exchanging messages and live webcam chats with strangersPay for your procedure using the money you have earned or using payment plans with no strings attached
Your privacy is at risk in terms of imagery you uploadYou will be protected under law by the medical confidentiality agreement
A one-on-one web chat or live cam with a stranger who may share their opinion of you – positive or negativeA one-on-one consultation with a professional surgeon who has your well-being in mind

Your surgeon will ensure you are in the right frame of mind to make a decision on your breast implants. This decision should not be left up to anyone but yourself and your doctor. Third party opinions from strangers on these sites are not professional nor are they concerned with your feelings and mental health. By asking others for their opinion you are also making yourself susceptible to harmful bullying and comments that can affect your self-esteem and cause Body Dysmorphia.

BAAPS (The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) President Douglas McGeorge said: “This is a wholly inappropriate way to proceed with what should be a serious decision made by a fully informed patient.

“The site’s promise that there are no right or wrong cases is frightening, clearly there is no proper medical assessment of candidates, which at best could lead to disappointment, at worst, to someone’s health being endangered.”

Female plastic surgeon and Medispa and wellness doctor, Dr Anh also weigh in on this subject:

“Breast implants are a very sensitive decision that should be made with guidance from a medical professional. Strangers on the internet do not take into consideration your psychological wellbeing – they cannot recommend a suitable solution to any conditions beyond the aesthetic.

That is why I offer a 45-minute consultation for all of my female patients who deserve to have one dedicated medical professional sit with them and discuss their appearance goals in a professional environment.”

If you are interested in Dr Anh and her professional breast consultations in Perth then please do not hesitate to inquire with her. She is a female plastic surgeon who has performed hundreds of breast implant procedures. Her patients’ wellbeing is her number one priority and she will share your appearance goals like they are her own until you are happy.

Enquire with Dr Anh today on 08 9468 7148 or request a call back below.

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