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Breast Lift is Usually the Best Answer for Sagging Breasts

The problem with sagging breasts is usually a combination of two issues:

  1. Loss of volume to the breast and
  2. Loss of elasticity of the skin that holds the breast tissue up.

The way to correct breast ptosis (sagging breasts) all depends upon which of the above factors is most causative of the problem. I have heard many patients who want to simply replace the loss of volume to “perk up” their breasts by putting in a breast implant. (And I have heard and read many plastic surgeons who say that this will work.) But if the major problem is that the skin is too weak to hold up the existing breast tissue, adding more weight in the form of an implant just is not the right solution. It may improve things for a short term, but will actually make things worse down the line.

Using breast implants alone to correct ptosis is only advisable in a very small subset of patients whose only problem is a loss of volume that makes their breast appear deflated. Completing a mastopexy with or without breast implants is more often the best way to achieve long-lasting results. I would caution taking advice from anyone suggesting placing implants (especially big implants) in the sub glandular position to try and fix breast ptosis. Not only does this most often undercorrect the problem, it often compounds the issue in just a short amount of time.

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