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Your Breast Enlargement Consultation

What to expect from your initial consultation for breast enlargement surgery…

The Initial Consultation

The initial consultation can be daunting for you. It is only natural to feel nervous about revealing your concerns about your breasts and it is only natural to feel self-conscious when sharing your personal feelings about your appearances with someone you have never met before. Dr Anh Nguyen understands that you may feel this way and will try to make the consultation as comfortable for you as possible.

Dr Nguyen and her cosmetic consultants will spend about 60 minutes with you to gain a better understanding of why you are seeking a breast augmentation, what results in you want to achieve from the breast enlargement and what your expectations are of having the procedure. Dr Nguyen will obtain a medical and surgical history and then examine you. From what you hope to achieve and your breast dimensions, Dr Nguyen will select a range of breast implant sizes that you can try on for you to gain a better idea of what you could look like after breast augmentation surgery.

Thereafter, she will discuss with you what options are available to you (type, size and shape of breast implants, plus or minus a breast lift, fat grafting etc), the pros and cons of each, the recommended treatment, the risks, complications and implications if a complication were to occur, the steps that will be taken to minimize these complications, the aftercare and expected postoperative recovery.

She will show you before and after photos of her patients who have had breast enlargement surgery, answer any of your questions and provide you with written material about breast augmentation and breast implants for you to take home. A quote will be given to you at the end of the consultation and the practice manager will explain all of the costs involved in the surgery.

Dr Nguyen believes that the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is a very personal and important one and should not be made without considerable research, information and understanding. That is why she will recommend you go and seek other opinions, obtain as much information as possible and be comfortable with the surgeon you choose to perform the cosmetic surgery for you.

Dr Nguyen will recommend a second consultation with you, to go over things again and cover any further questions that you might have.


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