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Preparing For Your Big Day

Dr Anh shares her industry insights on 2018 bridal boot camp trends.

It is no secret that many women have dreamed of their wedding day since they were little girls. On one of the biggest days of their lives, every girl wants to look their best.

In her experience, Dr Anh believes that preparing for the ‘big day’ has greatly changed in recent years. She says that 13 years ago, when she got engaged, preparing for her wedding day involved joining a gym, attending body pump and spin classes and going on a diet. On her wedding day, her ‘wow’ factor was achieved through the assistance of an amazing dress and professionally styled hair and makeup.

Today, getting that wedding ‘wow’ factor involves so much more than just hair, makeup and a stunning dress. Women have their skin prepared so it looks dewy and flawless, they have wrinkle relaxers to smooth crinkles and fillers to enhance their face shape, take away tired eyes and plump their lips. Some even have surgery to look their best on their wedding day.

So, in the opinion of Dr Anh, when is the best time to start your bridal boot camp?

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