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Investing In Yourself

Investing in yourself is one of the greatest investment.

When it’s time for a new car, we may consider how to finance it but if the purchase is decided it’s not such a difficult decision to make. The same goes for paying for a new kitchen or bathroom as the renovation is value-adding to the house and despite the significant expense, it’s rarely something we feel guilty about. If we want a new home theatre or the latest sound system and TV, we would simply shop around and organise the purchase. Somehow these investments are tangible and the expense is deemed justifiable even if a luxury.

However, investing in ourselves to overcome insecurities or feel good in our own skin through cosmetic surgery is controversial and for some, frivolous and unnecessary. Although a mummy makeover can help a woman reclaim her pre-pregnancy body or eyelid surgery can help improve impaired vision, we are still resistant. While we may want it, we second guess whether we should just go for it. We put it off and question if the expense is worth it. We are riddled with guilt and worried about being judged as vain and superficial, careless and selfish because we should be putting everyone else ahead of ourselves.

Investing in yourself pays the most dividends

We need to change these sentiments because we all deserve to add value to ourselves in order to be happy and confident. These positive changes will also reflect in our personal, social and professional life.

When we make a considerable investment in learning a new craft, enjoying a hobby or pastime, getting fit, getting professional development, receiving life coaching or upskilling, it’s always enriching and worthwhile. This is value adding to the highest level.

We allow our children to have extra tennis lessons, swimming lessons, attend dance classes, learn an instrument and have to tutor if they need extra help or even to feel more confident. We work hard for this as we want our children to have every advantage. But somehow when we want to do something for ourselves that should make such a powerful impact on how we feel, we don’t always see it as an investment rather an indulgent luxury.

While we don’t need to have plastic and cosmetic surgery, it should be a personal choice that need not be under question or scrutiny by others. No different to saving up for the business class airfares as a treat for that once in a lifetime holiday. No different to saving for that Chanel bag. No different to a man who loves his cars and spends a considerable amount on detailing, high-end wheels or sound system.

Undergoing plastic surgery or a cosmetic treatment to improve, enhance or transform your appearance and how you feel about yourself is no different from any luxury. It brings happiness, pride, confidence and adds value. When we break free of insecurities and the hold they had on us, we can do so much more, be so much more and give so much more in every facet of our life. You cannot place a value on that.

In the words of Oprah, “what I know for sure is that whatever the investment, it will be money well spent and perhaps even one of the best things you have ever invested in.”

Patients who have had a breast reduction often say they wished they had done it years ago. Patients who underwent a tummy tuck procedure often say at their 6-month post-operative visit, it was the best money they’ve spent. Very few people who have achieved the outcome they were after rarely say it is something they regret.

In a suitable patient with the right expectations, plastic surgery or cosmetic treatment performed for the right reasons can deliver high returns on investment.

Dr Anh x

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