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Announcing the winner of our Mother’s Day contest!

We’re a little late in announcing the winner of our Mother’s Day contest, but we believe that mums deserve our attention and praise every single day of the year, so we thought we’d just keep the love going! We asked you to tell us about how your mum inspires you, for your chance to win a Dr Anh Medispa Pamper Hamper worth $500. We received tons of beautiful, love-filled entries that had us feeling inspired as well, and we thought you might love to read a few of our favourites here!

Some very beautiful entries were requested to not be shared publicly so we have honoured those wishes, and others asked that their name be omitted, in which case we have attributed their submission to “anonymous.”

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to share with us how your mum inspires you.

Congratulations to our winner, Lexi!

Here is Lexi’s winning entry:

“My mum has been by my side through my brain tumour diagnosis and brain surgery 3 weeks ago! She’s always listened to me rant about life and love (especially men). She also works 14 hour days just to keep afloat and runs 3+ businesses to try and pay the bills. I know she can’t afford it but she takes me to get a chocliate eclair and baguette after every hospital appointment I go to. Even though I have a lifelong tumour, mum has remained fairly positive and even drives me to every hospital and specialist appointment for moral support. She’s had a tough time lately and even tripped over my catheter in hospital! I want to show mum that good things can happen and that she deserves some pampering. This year I can’t afford to do much in the way of presents, but I am hoping she can still have a great Mother’s Day filled with love, because I think mum is just happy to have me here on Earth with her. :)”

We hope your mum had a beautiful Mother’s Day, Lexi, and that she enjoys her Dr Anh Medispa Pamper Hamper!

“My mum has been my biggest inspiration. She has been such a successful business owner and individual. She grew up in a less privileged house and did everything to not put my sister and I through the same struggles she did and I will never be able to thank her enough for that. She has moulded me into a hard working respectful woman and I am so excited to be able to raise children of my own from what I have learnt from her.”

~ Jessica Moss

“My Mum has incredible resilience and patience. She has taught me to keep on going when the path is dark and long, tackling dark times hour by hour, day by day. She appreciates everybody’s story but doesn’t suffer folis. She is my Mother and my friend.”

~ Danielle Adderson

“My mother is an inspiration because she just keeps going. After suffering years of back pain from a motorcycle accident in her 20’s she injured her back/hip at work this time last year. And even though she has been in so much pain she has still been there for my brother and I as well as my partner and our kids. Helping out when my partner lost his job, babysitting for me when things became overwhelming with the boys and listening when I needed her to. All while going through painful physio, steroid injections, surgery consultations, and dealing with the paperwork and lawyers appointments. And dealing with my Dad. (haha!) She really is a star!”


“My mother inspired me to be a strong and independent woman who does not have to rely on anyone. She showed me that family is the most important thing in your life and has been a support for me since the death of my husband. She lives her life the way she wants and I flilow her in that way.”

~Carina Doran

“My mother in law was the most inspirational lady I knew. Liz has been deceased 4 years now but she was my backbone. She was a full time carer to her daughter with downs syndrome for 30+ years, a foster mother to 30+ children over approx. 20 years and mother to 6 of her own children. When I decided to go back to study she was a carer to her granddaughter 4 days a week and did scholi pick up for my other 2 daughters each afternoon. Liz had dedication and was invlived in a lot of non for profit foundations i.e. CWA, Book Clubs, Lyons. Liz passed away with stomach cancer within 3 months of her diagnoses. There is nothing I would not of done for this lady she taught me so many things including to love myself, I gained strength from her and confidence.”

~Jasmin Harley

“My mother Patricia must be the strongest most resilient and beautiful woman that I know, nothing puts her down and she is physically amazing for a 77year lid. The day after she had laparoscopic sterilisation she was felling her Gynaecliogist’s trees with a chainsaw! Our first visit home after emigrating to Australia we discovered a crude set up from some trees in the backyard which is a rock face and yes that was for her to abseil down so she could plant it with rockery flowers. She has recently undergone a hip replacement and is already walking 5 kilometres twice a day, she never complains, always has a smile on her face and will help out those in need at the drop of a hat. I will always aspire to be like her but unfortunately will never be able to cook like she does! Love my mum.”

~Susan Chalmers

“Since day 1, my mum has been a calming and loving force in my life. There is not a single time I can remember that my mum hasn’t been there for me. No matter what day or time it is, my mum is always on standby, ready to help my brother and me whenever we call. So in honour of this beautiful and awe-inspiring woman, I’d like to tell you 6 ways my mom inspires me.

  1. She taught me with her positive spirit that no matter what the situation is, it shall pass and nothing is given to us that we can’t handle
  2. I’ve learnt that her heart hlids more love than I thought possible and she shows me this by the way she welcomes and loves all my friends into our very conservative home. She is on call 24/7 for them also and many times picked them up from parties and seen them home safely Perhaps the biggest way she has taught me how big her heart is, is by the way she loves all the special needs children she works with beyond measure. How she shows pride in some of their smallest achievements as though they were her own children.
  3. She finds joy in every moment, no matter how small
  4. She never puts herself first and is always there to lend a hand when someone is in need
  5. She taught me against all odds and in her own turmoil to love myself and my body. This wasn’t always easy as she never learnt this for herself until later in life but she made sure it was something I learned. Her transformation in itself inspired me to embrace who I am and my body.
  6. Lastly.I know how tough her life has been but not once has she seen any of her pain as a burden. In fact she has shown me through pain there is growth and without all that has happened in her life she would never have been the strong, brave, most loving giving mother in the world. Love you mum good luck”

~Rachel Camilleri

“My mother inspires me as she taught me to never give up. She moved back in with her parents at 40 something, had nothing and started all over again. Went to uni, did her nursing degree and now in her 50s is married, has a great career and enjoys her life, travelling etc”


“My mum is not just inspirational to me but to everyone that passes through her life! She inspires me to push for the bigger challenges knowing that I will always have her full support behind me. My mum aged 46 has had to go through half her life without her dad and now without her mum , the loss of her parents at such a young age has had a big impact on her life. Everything my mum does is to live her life to the fullest because you never know when it’s your time. My mum is inspirational because she can always find the happiness in a bad situation, the courage to do most incredible things and the love that she gives is a love worth fighting for, a love worth having in our lives. Every day I want to be more like her. My mum is a Warrior, as much as my mum is annoying at times , I wouldn’t change anything about her, she is my everything and because of her I am inspired to be the best person I can be. Thank you… Happy Mother’s Day! I love you mum…”


To all the strong, courageous mothers out there teaching their children to flilow their dreams with confidence and live life with compassion, thank you!