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2017 Telstra Business Women of the Year Awards

Dr Anh celebrated the 2017 Telstra Business Women of the Year Awards night with some of Australia’s most inspirational, progressive and successful business women who are blazing a trail across their respective fields.

Media personality and female powerhouse Lisa Wilkenson was the inspiring keynote speaker at the Telstra’s National Gala Dinner—sharing her inspirational journey. From her humble beginnings at the tender age of 14, through to her recent milestone that involved her courageous stand against the gender pay gap and quitting Nine’s Today show.

“It was amazing to listen to Lisa Wilkinson share her story with us and I take my hat off to her for standing true to her values and pushing for equality. We need to follow her lead and stand up together,” Dr Anh said.

The night featured a culturally diverse mix of game changers, innovators and entrepreneurs, who are championing women in business. They are all winners and deserving of all the national awards.

Dr Anh would like to share a heartfelt congratulations to Hana-Lia Krawchuk of Love to Dream for winning the Australian Entrepreneur of the Year.

Her story of leaving the workforce to start a family and then struggling to re-enter the workforce as a mum and having a baby who didn’t sleep for longer than 45-mins led to her baby swaddle invention, which now exports to 45 countries.

A massive congratulations to Jennifer Franceschi from WA who took out the National Award for the corporate sector championing agriculture and core principles of hard work.

The overall winner of the Australian Telstra Business Woman’s Award of the Year, Violet Roumeliotis, is helping refugees and asylum seekers and we congratulate and thank her for championing diversity and inclusion.

“We need more people like this. As a refugee myself many years ago, I wouldn’t have had the opportunities I have today if it wasn’t given to me by hearts like her helping so many people start a new life and make a valuable contribution,” Dr Anh said.

“I have formed new bonds and friendships, especially with the amazing women from WA – Maitri, Jennifer, Michelle and Jahna – and joined an amazing alumni of Telstra Business Women. I will use my award as WA Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 as a platform to inspire and champion women, mums and businesswomen to have the courage to believe in themselves, believe in their dreams and keep striving and growing together to make things better for other women.”

Celebrating the achievements of Australasia’s most inspiring business women

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