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You May Be Surprised at The Origins of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has always been about more than just improving the appearance for vanity reasons. Discover the origins of plastic surgery and how it has helped people.

A short history of plastic surgery

Plastic surgery has long been a way for people who have suffered trauma to regain their appearance. Besides the invention of early breast enlargement, a majority of plastic surgery procedures were invented to help victims of World War I regain their appearance and function of their body. In many cases, skin grafting for burns and facial reconstruction was necessary in order for soldiers to have the best chance of life unaffected by their time in the war.

These procedures were improved over the years and eventually innovations were made when it came to the creation of the first silicone implant (1962); the first female plastic surgeon – Alma Dea Morani (1946), and innovations in how to perform particular surgeries and manoeuvring the muscles and skin folds for a more natural-looking result.

Plastic surgery and body confidence in modern times

Plastic surgery has some negative connotations in the media, despite this, however, it is still helping improve people’s lives. Procedures have advanced so significantly in the 21st century that we can now better treat those that need facial reconstruction and women who require mastectomy (removal of the breast). Advances in breast augmentation can help women who have no natural breast tissue after a mastectomy, still have natural looking and feeling breast implants.

Dr Anh is proud to be a part of this important industry

Dr Anh is a female plastic surgeon in Perth that is passionate about helping women achieve their appearance and wellness goals. She performs a range of procedures including breast reconstruction, breast implants, tummy tucks, liposuction and more.

She also ensures that her patients are choosing plastic surgery for the right reasons. She will do this during an initial 45-minute long consultation where she will discuss your reasons for the procedure and your goals. As a female plastic surgeon, Dr Anh is sensitive to how you feel about your body and will never perform a procedure which she doesn’t think you will benefit from.

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